Pakistan Issued Stamp on Air Marshal Nur Khan

\"\"Pakistan issued a stamp on Air Marshal Nur Khan on 22nd  February, 2012.Air Marshal Nur Khan was a high-profile military official who represented the Pakistan Air Force as its Air Commander-in-Chief in the ruling military governments of Field Marshal Ayub Khan and General Yahya Khan from 1965 till 1971. On September 1969, he was appointed by the military government as the Governor of West Pakistan  but soon resigned after mounting serious disagreements with the military government in 1970, and was finally forced out of the military government and the air force by President General Yahya Khan in 1971. Technical detail:Width   50 mm Height   41 mm Denomination   Rs 8/- Number in set   3 x 6 = 18 Stamps Layout/Format     Perforations   13 C Stamp issuing authority     Printer   Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Karachi, Pakistan

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One Response to Pakistan Issued Stamp on Air Marshal Nur Khan

  1. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    I remember my elementary school days about the Khans of Pakistan in our Social Studies class’ current events news reporting. Issuane to honor the former Air Marshal Nur Khan is a great honor.

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