Philippines :Stamps to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of APPU

This year Asia Pacific Postal Union (APPU) is celebrating its 50th anniversary.Philippines,a founder country of this organization issued stamps on the \"\"occasion. The Philippines, along with China, Thailand and South Korea, formed the APPU on April 1, 1962.Amstar Company Inc. printed 200,000 pieces of the P7 edition stamp and 100,000 pieces of the P30 edition. The designer of the stamps is Victorino Serevo.The P7 stamp, measuring 40 mm x 30 mm, carries the APPU logo at the center and bears the flags of the member-countries. While the P30 stamp – measuring 80 mm by 30 mm – shows the representation of the P1.50 stamp issued in 1977 for the 15th anniversary of the Asian Oceanic Postal Union (AOPU).

The APPU, originally known as Asian Oceanic Postal Convention, is an inter-governmental organization of 32 postal administrations in the Asia Pacific region .The organization’s objective is to extend, facilitate, and improve postal relations between member countries and to promote cooperation in the field of postal services.

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  1. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    What a beautiful issuance of the APPU in the Philippines. I may contact our post for the brochure of it.

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