Swedwn:Stamps on Geometric Figures

Sweden Released three new stamps for Second Class Domestic are adorned with \"\"exciting geometric figures. “The feel is a mix between architectural precision and organic undulations”, says the designer, Fideli Sundqvist, in an interview. In the interview, she discusses how she worked on this project and the currently rare art form she uses, paper cutting.“An excellent creation.” This was how a review described Fideli Sundqvists debut book, Birre, var r du (Birre, where are you), which was released in the spring and is about a puppy that runs away. Fideli Sundqvist (born in 1987) grew up in Uppsala with a pen in her hand and horses as her favorite motif. Inspired by her mother, who is a craftswoman and potter, Fideli Sundqvist chose the artistic road at an early age. As a teenager she attended Nyckelviksskolan on the island of Liding, a school of art, craft and design where many students are preparing to apply to the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and the Royal University College of Fine Arts. Date of issue: January, 12, 2012 Design: 3 Set: Booklet/10 self-adhesive stamps and 1 coil stamp Format: Booklet 26,78 x 25,0 mm, coil stamp 31,25 x 26,6 mm Design: Lars Sblom (Booklet), Piotr Naszarkowski (Coil)

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