Malta: Occasions 2012 Stamp Issue

\"\"MaltaPost issued  a set of 8 stamps today Entitled ‘Occasions 2012,’ the set reflects new and refreshed images representing the celebration of various occasions or events such as weddings, graduations, sports competitions and Christmas.The stamps carry a face value of €0.37 each and printed in the following quantities: Weddings and Christmas – 30,000 each; Celebrations and Sports – 40,000 each; Feasts, Graduation and General – 60,000 each; Auberge de Castille – 120,000 stamps.The stamps measure 44.0mm x 31.0mm and bear a perforation of 13.9 x 14.0 (comb). All stamps have been offset printed by Printex Limited on paper bearing Maltese Crosses watermarks. They are available in sheets of 10 stamps. This set will also be printed in a se-tenant format with a blank label so as to allow personalisation.

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