Maharshtra,Tamilnadu and Karnataka Top Three States With Philatelists

The Philatelic-Census organized and prepared by Philamirror has now finally taken shape and is ready to be shared with the philatelist’s community.

The southern states of India represented with large number of collectors compared to the states in the Eastern as well as northern Indian region. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka represent considerably large number of philatelists compared to states like Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Assam.

Muzaffarpur in Bihar state is a unique place in India where almost 9800 PDA Accounts are registered with the Department of Posts. “Majority of these PDA account holders are not internet savvy”, says philately-in-charge Mr.Budhdev.

Such type of situation is highly probable in many other states of India and this could have been a reason preventing huge data in the Philatelic-Census.\"\"The PhilatelicCensus reveals a vast variety of philatelic interests prevailing among the philatelists. Some of the prominent philatelic interests include “India Mint and Miniature” among many others.

There are almost infinite numbers of philatelic themes representing great interest and knowledge base among the philatelists. It is really amazing to observe that there exists such an infinite range of interests.

Philatelic-Census will reveal many such interesting facts once the census report is published online on April 1st,2012. Philatelists are obviously much eager and will get a pleasant gift on the “April-Fool’s-Day” !

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3 Responses to Maharshtra,Tamilnadu and Karnataka Top Three States With Philatelists

  1. K Sridhar says:

    Great… Eagerly waiting for the Census report…

    With Warm Regards
    K Sridhar

  2. This is really a moment of palpitation and thumping beatings of al collectors as everybody has contributed for this CENSUS by their active participation, but hats off… to the team behind this thought of phila census which will be a milestone for bright future if INDIAN PHILATELY.So count down starts now………………………………..

  3. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    Nice to note that this April is the release of Philatelic Census on line. Now eagerly waiting for that day.

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