Faroe Island Issued MS on Rescue at Sea

\"\"It is widely accepted that the most dangerous of all workplaces is the sea.Naturally, the effects of this fact are primarily felt by the countries most dependent on the sea, such as the Faroe Islands.The biggest known accident at sea in the Faroe Islands occurred around the year 1600. A storm suddenly appeared from the northeast and 50 boats never returned home.The lives of many fishermen were lost in the first half of the previous century. On more than one occasion, many crews of up to 23 men each disappeared at the same time.

It took some time before the Faroe Islands established a formal rescue service. This happened in 1976, in connection with the founding of the Fisheries Inspectorate. In addition to fisheries inspection, the inspectorate was also charged with the task of participating in search and rescue efforts at sea in cooperation with the MRCC, Maritime Rescue Coordination Center. The Fisheries Inspectorate also had a cooperation agreement with the large Faroese insurance company. This primarily involved towage and diving assistance. The Fisheries Inspectorate and Ships Inspectorate also cooperate on monitoring the conditions for crews on board ships. The Fisheries Inspectorate examines the crew documents, while the ships are fishing. It has the power to order ships into port if it finds violations of crewing and inspection regulations. The MRCC also cooperates to operate Tórshavn Radio, both agencies under the Ministry of Fisheries. The MRCC’s area of operation is out to 200 nautical miles from land, or to the midline between our neighbouring countries. The station is staffed around the clock throughout the year.Therefore, work at sea can now be considered a safe occupation. Deaths at sea are now rare, although absolute safety can never be achieved. But when something does happen, everything that can possibly be done to save human lives is done. 

Technical Details Issue Date: 21.03.2012 Designer: Edward Fuglø Printer: OeSD, Austria Process: OffsetValues: 10.50 Kr x 2

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