Royal Mail Introduced New 3rd Class Stamp

\"\"The Royal Mail, facing  criticism over their massive price hike, sought to appease customers with the announcement of a new 3rd class stamp on 29th March 2012. The stamp, bearing the image of Prince Harry, costs 8 pence. Post office workers have been instructed to accept cigarettes as well as second-hand items in exchange for an appropriate quantity of the new stamps.“Prince Harry is an important member of the Royal family,” said CEO Tom Sharper.“However, he does convey different brand values to the Queen which made him, we believe, the right choice for this historic new stamp.”

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One Response to Royal Mail Introduced New 3rd Class Stamp

  1. Dr Zulaiha M says:

    I could not find any information about this stamp at the royal mail site or any other British philately sites.
    Did you put this up as an April fool blog?

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