Poetry on Stamps:Dushyant Kumar

By R K Mishra

DUSHYANT KUMAR-1931-1973-Hails from Rajpur-Nawadain Bijnor-U.P.did his M.A. in Hindi from Allahabad. He was of firm belief that poetry can prove its potential only when it emerges out of real social context. He started writing in free verse that gave primary to ‘heart’ over ‘mind ’and ‘content’ over ‘from. His poetry collection SURYA KA SWAGAT, AMAZONS KE GHERE etc. brought fame and by early 70s reinvented ‘Ghazal’-‘SAAYE MIEN DHOOP ’ has brought him very popular.


\"\"‘My intention is to bring Urdu and Hindi together, because these Ghazals are written in the language which I speak’-Dushyant Kumar

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