Belarus: Definitive Issue on “Architectural monuments”

\"\"Belarus has issued its 14th definitive series of  stamps on 12th March 2012. Designer: Vladislav Ruta. Printing: offset. Colour: multicoloured. Size of the stamps: 18×26 mm.Face value A is equal to the tariff of a letter up to 20 gram within Belarus. Face value H is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad. Face value P is equal to the air-mail tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad. The stamps Nos. 905-916 are printed in sheets of 21 (7×3) stamps on self-adhesive paper. Perforation: direct cutting. Size of sheets: 144×100 mm. Print quantity: No.905, 908 — 1596000 stamps, No.906 — 2037000 stamps, No.907 — 1575000 stamps, No.909 — 1302000 stamps, No.910 — 315000 stamps, No.911 — 130200 stamps, No.912 — 168000 stamps, No.913 — 105000 stamps, No.914 — 6390000 stamps, No.915 — 630000 stamps, No.916 — 100800 stamps. These stamps depicts- Mahiliou Town Hall, 17th-20thcenturies, 2008 50 BYR Kamianets Tower, 13th century 100 BYR Niasvizh Castle, 16th-18th centuries 200 BYRChurch of Epiphany in Polatsk, 1761-1777 500 BYR Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace in Homel, 18th-19th centuries 1000 BYR Mir Castle, 16th-20th centuries 2000 BYR Main Post-Office in Minsk, 1949-1953 2000 BYR Lida Castle, 14th century 2000 BYR Bernardine monastery in Budslau, 18thcentury 20000 BYR  Kosava Palace, 19th century А Red Church in Minsk, 1908-1910 Н Church-fortress in Muravanka, 1524 Р

The stamps Nos. 905 A-916 A are also printed in sheets of 8 (4×2) stamps on chalk-surfaced, gummed paper. Perforation: comb 131/4: 14.Size of sheets: 90×69 mm. Print quantity: 160000 stamps each.

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2 Responses to Belarus: Definitive Issue on “Architectural monuments”

  1. Sandeep says:

    Such beautiful definitive series. Why can’t we have something like that in our country too.

  2. Aayush says:

    I agree. Its extremely beautiful.. Sadly our country cannot issue beyond personalities.. Sandeepji, if you are going to order it please let me know. I would like 2 sets of it for myself.

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