Vatican:Easter 2012 Stamp

Vatican\’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office will mark the celebration of Easter with a special stamp issue highlighting the principal feast when the Church celebrates our Lord \"\"Jesus Christ\’s victory over death.Featured this year is a miniature of the Resurrection with Christ blessing. The work is from a page in the Codices Urbinates Latini 112 and is typical of the classical iconographic tradition.The manuscript, also known as the Breviary of Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary and bibliophile who lived from 1443 to 1490, has two columns of elaborate Gothic decoration, the work of Florentine artists of the school of Ghirlandaio and Attavante degli Attavanti. Of particular interest are the many pages covered entirely with gold, shiny miniatures accompanied with festoons, garlands of flowers and fruit, putti and colorful birds. The important, illuminated stories are featured in impressive renaissance architectural forms, next to which a multitude of figures are depicted in medallions and panels. Written in Florence by Antonio Martino from 1487 to 1492, the manuscript is kept at the Vatican Apostolic Library and represents one of the most beautiful works produced over the centuries by the silent multitude of copyists and miniaturists.

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