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\"\"By Sreejesh Krishnan

A Special Cover will be issued on the special Occasion or during Philatelic Exhibitions.  Cover and Cancellation will be related to the Concerned occasion or heritages or importance of  that locality.  But the stamp will be differ from the occasion.  Some times related stamps will used for cancellation. If the stamp and cover design and cancellation all are related to the occasion it will be unique.  Now KERAPEX-2012 released a set of four customized stamps related to the special Cover issued during the State Philatelic Exhibition. The Special Covers canceled with customized stamp related to the same design of the cover.  This was happened only in Kerala.   J & K also released customized stamps like Kashmir Apple, Kashmir dress, double hump Camel, Kesar, Chinar, Hungal, DPS etc., cover also released with the same theme.  But none of the cover got canceled along with customized stamps. Awaiting for reports from J & K locality.

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