INDIA:Special Cover with Soraski Diamond

\"\"By Sreejesh Krishnan

India Post issued a  Special Cover on 60years of Shree Ram Welfare Society\’s School released in Mumbai. This is India\’s first Special Cover with Soraski Diamond. It is Available in Set of 2 Covers.

Editor\’s Note-It is a growing trend that Pictures of Gandhi are being used on any special cover.What is the  relation between Gandhiji\’s life and Diamond?

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2 Responses to INDIA:Special Cover with Soraski Diamond

  1. Dinu says:

    I agree with Editor’s note.

    Mere quoting him appropriately …!!!

  2. Kapil Gogri says:

    Respected Editor Sir,

    1) Let me correct you Its, Swarovski Crystal Diamond.

    2) Their is no connection of Diamond with Gandhiji. Diamond is Just affixed as its a Diamond Jubilee of School.

    3) Thirdly Why do u think every Institution or any reputed school Displays The photography of Gandhiji or Tagore or Swami Vivekanand or any great Personalities alike….!!

    Please do let me know then I’ll reply u again in brief.

    Best Regards.

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