US:Stamp\’s Release Celebrated in Chestertown

James Amos\’ picture was in the post office last week .Local photographer Amos was \"\"appearing in the Chestertown Post Office to help celebrate the first day issue of a new $1.05 international airmail stamp, which uses one of his photos as part of the design. The local office threw a party for him, with punch and cookies, as well as a big blowup of the stamp design and a laminated bookmark telling the story of the stamp\’s picturesque Lancaster, Pa., setting The bookmark describes the stamp as \”designed to draw attention to beautiful iconic farmsteads set against gently rolling hills.\” Amos\’ photo depicts an Amish buggy rolling along a country road, with a green field and a picturesque barn as its backdrop. Ethel Kessler, one of the main stamp designers for the Postal Service, chose the photo for the stamp.Amos said the photo on the stamp was one of a number he took during several trips to Lancaster County in 1996. He sent the photos, including the one that ended up on the stamp, to Corbis, one of several stock photographic agencies that represent his work.

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