Malta Post Issued Stamps on Gold Coin and the George Cross

\"\"MaltaPost issued a set of two stamps which add to the Definitive set that was originally issued on 29 December 2009. The set of two stamps depicts the Gold Coin (Byzantine Period) and the George Cross (British Period)As well as having different background colours, the two stamps have additional values to reflect the increased postage tariff that was introduced on 29 July 2011. Technical Details-Designer:  MaltaPost p.l.cPerforation: Maltese Crosses Process: Offset Sheet: Sheet of 10 Size: 44.0mmx31.0mm Denominations: €0.20c,€0.69c Date Of Issue:  07 Mar 2012 Watermark: Maltese Crosses

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  1. Contessa Munari says:

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