Fake Postage Stamps in Circulation in Delhi?

Circulation of fake postage stamps have come to light in the capital with the detection of at least 11 letters posted in Delhi High Court post office with such stamps. A case was registered in Tilak Marg police station on March nine following a complaint filed by Binti Chaudhury, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices in New Delhi (Central Division). Police have invoked Section 263A (prohibition of use of fictitious stamps) of Indian Penal Code and investigations were on to nab those involved in the circulation of fake stamps, a senior police official said. According to the complaint, the incident first came to light on October 21 last year when the officials at the Delhi High Court post office detected that nine articles received through despatcher of the High Court had fake stamps of denomination Rs 10 and 20 affixed. Three days later, Chaudhury said, they received two more articles with stamps of denomination of Rs 20 brought for booking at the same post office sent by Dwarka court. \”All these stamps were found fake,\” Chaudhury said. A list of addressees and those of the senders (lawyers) through whom the said envelopes affixed with fake stamps were provided to the court for booking, the complainant said. According to police, envelopes with fake stamps were submitted by lawyers to the Registrar\’s office for sending court documents to related persons in cases which they appear.(PTI)

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6 Responses to Fake Postage Stamps in Circulation in Delhi?

  1. Dinu says:

    It is a strange and shocking news. Congratulation for reporting it.

    Shall appreciate if some photos of fake stamp or the type (comm. or def) or the name of the stamps are published.
    As being a collector reborn (read restarted) I am buying past mint comm. from many entities flocking around Post offices.
    More information will surely help us (notice around post offices telling what has to be looked while buying postal stamps) to avoid being cheated.

    Thanks in advance for further information


    Police asked a notorious Bank-Robber, why he loots Banks (only).
    Because they have money all the time, that’s why!
    Courts are the only place left where postage stamps are being
    used as usual & quite heavily still.
    This is a very serious matter indicating hanky-panky at several
    Govt. departments. Hope, the Police cracks the crime-group

  3. Sandeep says:

    Appalling incident and dismal news for philately.
    Hope they are able to catch the culprits and take strict action.

    Any photos of the fakes by the way.


    One can see photos of fake Rs.20.00 Amaltas Definitive used at
    Patna High Court in March ’10, on SOI site. Badly printed, instantly
    recognisable forgeries.

  5. K Sridhar says:

    Shocking… Fake stamp(s) in one of pillars of democracy… Strange…

    Kindly provide us the image of such stamp(s), so that it will help us to
    identify the type of fake stamp(s) circulated in the market…

  6. AWATE VINAYAK says:

    What the law says about this crime & the action taken against these criminals must decleared in news papers with photos & names.

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