Certificate Course in Philately

\"\"By Ujwala

There is appreciating news in academic recognition of philately. The History Department of ‘Vivekananda College’, Tiruvedagam West. Madurai – 625 217, India [website  http://www.vivekanandacollege.org/] offers a  certificate course on Philately to students of all majors, unique in the whole of the nation. It instructs students how to advance their academic interest through the collection of stamps. Indian Philately getting momentum now. Interested pupils may contact for the details about Fee structure, admission, course content and syllabus to.

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  1. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    I contacted for the details about the fee structure, admission, course content and syllabus to principal[at]vivekanandacollege[dot]org,
    vice-rincipal[at]vivekanandacollege[dot]org , gurukuladirector[at]vivekanandacollege[dot]org, and info[at]vivekanandacollege[dot]org. Let us hope they will reply. Be kind enough to share this information if anybody is kowing. I appreciate the authority to have such course. I also seek some historical comments on the history and performance of this course.

  2. Ujwala says:

    It not clear whether the course is CERTIFICATE COURSE or else.

  3. Sudhir Jain says:

    Good. We should try to introduce in other Universities also.

  4. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    If they are doing so good things, why don’t they share with others? At least they should have replied queries? Anyway, agree that they deserve appreciation.
    Going through your comment this and that about Research Wing of Philatelic Division of DOP, I find a big VACCUME in Indian domain for the ‘Standard Platform’ for ‘Philatelic Literature’ out of these research activities either by academic curriculum, research institute or even by individual activity going privately. Can anybody point me a JOURNAL devoted to Indian Philately and Indian Postage Stamps, Their reviews, analysis and studies… with ISSN number and following peer review process (Single or Double Blind) for maintenance of quality of the philatelic literature. Out of DOZEN of ‘newsletters’ in the Indian Philately will anybody take initiation for going through the way. Hope this is right time to woke up and get dressed for not only survival but for leading and making our identity in Globe during globalization.

  5. sreejesh says:

    nice, sharing such infn is welcome.

  6. K Sridhar says:

    Excellent information… I wrote a mail to the concerned.. Waiting for the reply…

  7. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    I am on the same text to Anil Nawlakhe. My other concern here if the institution or university caters to a correspondence course for far away countries, like the Philippines.

  8. Kamran says:

    certificate course?
    scope in India?
    correspondence or regular only?
    fee structure?

    • Ricardo C. Guarde says:

      If it’s a certificate course, may it covers for 1-year term. These may be offered in India university for a minimal fee that students can afford, cuz this is an additional curriculum to their course. If in correspondence course, it should be affordable cost to collectors who wants to inhance more on philately. Thanks.

  9. Ujwala says:

    Here is another course by UPU


    Within the framework of the TRAINPOST distance-learning programme, which is based on a simpler and more user-friendly training approach, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) offers the participant trainees several important courses in the programme. One of them is dealing with «Philately». This course is made up of six modules which its general aims is to equip Postal Managers and staff with the necessary knowledge, skills and best practices to ensure optimal management of their Stamp Business and to promote Philately.
    NOTE : The learner may choose the language in which to follow the courses (Arabic, English, French or Spanish), via the relevant home page.

    Section 1 – Duration of the course and its modules
    Section 2 – The course materials
    Section 3 – Course description and content
    Module 1 : Philately the king of hobbies
    Section 1 : Basic of the hobby of philately
    Section 2 : Definition and function of postage stamp
    Section 3 : History of philately
    Section 4 : How to collect stamp
    Section 5 : Classes of philately
    Module 2 : Industry and market
    Section 1 : Structure of the industry
    Section 2 : Structure of philatelic market
    Section 3 : Structure of Collecting body, organized Philately-club and the role of UPU
    Module 3 : Codes of ethics
    Section 1 : Code of ethics and best business practices
    Section 2 : Philatelic policies and codes of practice
    Section 3 : Participation in the WNS and model contracts with suppliers
    Module 4 : Strategic planning
    Section 1 : Strategic planning steps and where are we now?
    Section 2 : Vision statement & where do we want to be? and haw do we get there?
    Module 5 : Philatelic products and issue planning
    Section 1 : Range of philately products
    Section 2 : Philately products explained
    Section 3 : Preparation and production
    Section 4 : Philatelic issue planning
    Section 5 : Issuing, withdrawal and archival policies
    Module 6 : Marketing and promotion of philately
    Section 1 : Market sectors
    Section 2 : Tools of marketing
    Section 3 : Developing a marketing plan and product role of agents
    Section 4 : Developing new customers

  10. Ujwala says:

    The organizers of ‘World Stamp Championship and Exhibition’ on 18-24 June in Jakarta, -INDONESIA 201, are hopeful with their theme “BRIDGING THE WORLD OF PEACE THROUGH STAMP”, as it could inspire the effort of world societies in achieving the eternal peace all over the world. More and more we realize that ‘stamp has changed its track from merely a mean of showing payment of mail delivery’ to valuabe collectible items. The variety of themes of these stamps stimulates the thematic collectors to learn more about the theme. No doubt, philately with its EDUCATIONAL VALUE would play a very important role in character building, especially among young people and so in NATION BUILDING.
    The event is intended to step up the world`s philatelists friendship, to create world peace, and to advance philately in various aspects.
    Hope India Post understands the VLUES of these pieces.

  11. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    While we the collectors & lovers of postage stamps are almost
    exclusively thinking/talking of commemoratives, those who
    man the counters at post offices in district HQ & below levels
    hardly care about them. While they handle our mail daily-weeks &
    months pass by without their encountering a single commemorative
    India Post is all for metered post. To spread some message thru
    stamps one needs to have a system where heavy users are made
    to use a certain percentage of, say just 2% in the form definitives
    & commemoratives. Otherwise, people won’t even recognise
    stamps after a few years. All that will remain…blue,black &
    red metered frankings.

  12. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    and those who cares by running courses do not care to provide information on their course or reply to the queries. Still waiting for their mail to share content on Phila Mirror.

  13. Ujwala says:

    Yes, it is our love and affection to these kids-Postage Stamps and our parental duty throrugh action of Collectivity or Study to make their image (and themselves too) enough strong to make /feel people matter over these materialistic material.They(DoP) would sensitize themselves only after our efforts gets materialised.
    Postage stamps are serving the cause of public education in their own way. Your suggestion is considerable.

    • Anil Nawlakhe says:

      While I agree with you both, I quote the arguments made byPaul van der Grijp on the origin of philatelic collecting in Material History Review. Accordingly, “for real collectors, in my view, their collection activities are not only statements of consumption but also of production and creation.”

  14. Ujwala says:

    Those who keep concern to understanding of postage stamp are suggested to join a Yahoo Group

  15. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    The British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) is having an philatelic essay contest for young people ages 6 – 18. The contest is open to youth of any country. Deadline for contest entries to be received is May 15, 2012. For details visit

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