Prereleased Commercially used Stamp of Shyamacharan Shukla

India Post has issued a stamp on Shyamacharan Shukla on 9th March 2012.This stamp was prerelease from Jaipur and several other philatelic bureaus .A reader of philamirror send scan of a pre issued and commercially used stamp envelope having this stamp.In previous 2 years its is 3rd time when a stamp released before the official date. India Post should take strong action to check such incidents and the department should release stamp issue programme for 2012 at least in March.\"\"\"\"

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7 Responses to Prereleased Commercially used Stamp of Shyamacharan Shukla

  1. Dinu says:

    The white washed portion under “From” shows U.P. = > Uttarpradesh ??? Speed post centre Allahabad with EU 472079xxxIN – very cleverly ommitted the details.
    The issue was pre – released in Jaipur ??? Is not it?!!!!

    Though I personally use speedpost extensively for Tx + Rx – I have never seen the rubber stamp of speed post centre in any article received by me so far!!!

    So few questions
    – How did it reach Allahabad?
    – How could it be used from there around 2o th February or is it 29th February?
    – Only one stamp of rare issue was miserly used – another one Bhai Jagta Singh, which carries no importance on that day like the definitive Rajiv Gandhi. Shows the planning of the sender and for sure he/ she is hoarding some more to mint money.
    – It shows the pathetic lack of knowledge & communication of postal department that no body noticed used of this stamp. I have received many envelope from foreign post where the used stamp has been lifted by unknown?? Same fate did not befell on this gem.

    Scan copy is poor in the sense that I am unable to give more conclusion from 221, Baker Street ;-), 🙂
    Best regards

  2. sreejesh says:

    Sorry to say Mr. Dinu, Kindly check with India Post’s speed post counters, if anywhere India Post is using rubber stamp for Speed Post Cancellation. As per my knowledge more than 100 speed post counters were using rubber stamp including Delhi Parliament Post office.

    • Dinu says:

      Thanks for enhancing my knowledge.
      That means some post offices are using it and it is not deliberately done by Allahabad Speedpost centre.

      Sansad Marg PO in New Delhi – I am sure that I have not seen it in past 2 years .

      Thanks once more.

  3. Aayush says:

    The letter was sent on 29th of February

  4. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    I am given to understand that This Stamp was pre released from Ranchi bureau on 17th Feb along with FDC also besides being released from Ajmer, Jodhpur also.

  5. Dinu says:

    Ooops – no! Therefore it was comedy of errors ……..

    Great news – that we missed it in Delhi.


    Perhaps what we are calling a pre-release was a defacto
    preview. Just another Immanuel Sekarnar(2010) two-dates
    reease of sorts.

    Mind, on 31.12.2008, seven personality stamps were released
    in a single day, many of which were technically pre-released.

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