Germany Issued Stamp to Express Mourning

\"\"Germany  has issued a special stamp to sent  express mourning. There are occasions in life when the written lines in a personal letter are more important and appropriate than an e-mail or SMS. Whether it\’s wedding, christening or funeral, a letter is often very helpful in showing sympathy to the affected people. The bereavement is also a special event. Therefore, the German Federal Ministry of Finance this year issued a funeral stamp. The grief stamp can be used by those who want to express their personal condolences. The stamp illustrates a landscape at dusk. The setting of the sun is a sign of mortality and a symbolic of mourning and solidarity with the affected people.

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One Response to Germany Issued Stamp to Express Mourning

  1. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    What a strange and beautiful stamp. Only stamp collectors understand the character of the stamp, especially in time of mourning and calamities. That’s how I understand. we collectors can easily relates to the characters.

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