French Polynesia Released Stamp on Traditional Food-Vans

\"\"French Polynesia has issued a stamp dedicated to traditional Polynesian food-vans called Roulottes. In the past, such food-vans were mere handcarts crowding the main roads, signaling their presence by \”mori-pamu\” (gas lamps), which did not always make it possible to see what was in the cardboard plate brimming with food. Unfortunately, limited space did not allow patrons to sit down. Today, the \”roulettes\” are food-vans that have been skillfully fashioned, around which it is always pleasing to find a place for a meal, for loud discussions and laughter, with family or friends. It looks like painter and humorist Gotz whose illustration is featured on the stamp is quite fond of this kind of nocturnal atmosphere, full of odors and colors.

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