Belarus:MS on Architecture of Churches

\"\"Belarus has issued a souvenir sheet entitled \”Architecture of Belarus. Orthodox churches\”. The stamps feature St. Sophia cathedral in Polotsk. The St. Sophia cathedral in Polotsk is the most ancient Christian shrine in Belarus. It was built in the 11th century as a symbol of equality with Constantinople and rivalry with Kiev and Novgorod having the same cathedrals. Now the cathedral has an organ concert hall and a museum of architectural history of the St. Sophia cathedral exposing the fragments of masonry of the 11th century, the ancient foundation and frescoes of the late 11th century. The St. Sophia cathedral in Polotsk is among the candidates for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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  1. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    My kudos to Belarus for the issuance of old churches. They’re historical. They are similar to my old collection 48 pcs in a sheet of Anti-TB Seals issued by the Philippine Quezon Institute’s Golden Jubilleee last 1988. Featured churches of different religion in the world that is observed in our country.

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