Canada Issued Stamps on Daylily

\"\"The beauty of spring is captured in a stunning new flower stamp series by Canada Post. Stamps recognizes the daylily (Hemerocallis) in its classic and recognizable orange, paired by a contrasting, exotic purple. These stamps are among the most popular of the year, usually for upcoming wedding invitations and any gardeners\’ stamps supplies. Since the early 1930s, the daylily has been hybridized by gardening enthusiasts and professional horticulturalists, and this hardy perennial can now be found in a rainbow of colours and an array of shapes across the country. Photos of this year\’s stamps were taken at Ottawa\’s Experimental Farm where all Canadian hybrids grow together in one area.

The stamps are available in booklets of 10, five of each design, and on the souvenir sheet. Available in coils of 50 stamps as well, makes it easy for couples sending out wedding invitations. Products are available at Canada Post retail outlets starting March 1, 2012 or online at The stamps measure 26 mm x 32 mm (vertical) and have simulated perforations. Lowe-Martin will print the stamps, which are available in booklets of 10 stamps, on souvenir sheets of two stamps, and in a coil of 50 stamps. The stamps are pressure sensitive and printed on Tullis Russell paper using lithography in five colours.

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