INDIA:Stamp on Vasantdada Patil Released at Mumbai

India Post has released a commemorative stamp on Vasantdada Patil on 1st March 2012 at Mumbai.Chief Minister of Maharashtra  Prithviraj Chavan released the stamp on the occasion of his Death Anniversary.\"\"Vasantdada Patil (November 13, 1917 – March 1, 1989) was an Indian  politician from Sangli Maharashtra. He was the  Chief Minister of Maharashtra from May 17, 1977 to July 18, 1978 and again from February 2, 1983 to June 1, 1985. He also served as Governor of Rajasthan  from 1985 to 1987.Born on 13th Nov 1917 at \’Padmale\’ 3 km (1.9 mi) from Sangli, his native village. He studied up to the vernacular final. Then he took interest in his farm. He worked there and faced many problems.He took part in freedom struggle. In 1942, Gandhiji started the Satyagraha movement. Vinoba Bhave was the first satyagrahi & from Tasgaon Dhulappa Navale was first then was Vasantdada & V.S.Paage. For this he was jailed by the British government. In jail, he came under the influence of people like Babasaheb Kher, Sardar Patel and others.He was also influenced by Netaji  Subhash Chandra Bose . In the field of education he was Chairman of Latthe Education Society. He started Miraj Medical College, Civil hospital, Akashwani (All India Radio station) at Sangli. While active in politics from 1937, he was first appointed a Minister from 1972 till 1976 under Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik. In 1976 he was dropped from the Maharashtra Cabinet.He was the first minister to oppose the reservations on the basis of the caste system.This was in accordance to the guidelines of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.Due to this he had to face the wrath of the so called secular Indian National Congress. He was very disappointed but overcoming this disappointment, he became Chief Minister of Maharashtra three times between 1976 to 1985.

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3 Responses to INDIA:Stamp on Vasantdada Patil Released at Mumbai

  1. Aayush says:

    Personalities, Personalities and Personalities! Outrageous! That too no prior information, nothing!

    Will 2012 see thematic issues or only personalities?


    New themes are emerging out of this profuse issue of
    personalities stamps. Thanks, Indiapost!


    Were there a category, India Post would be in the Guinees Book of
    World Records for issuing maximum stamps on humans.

    At least the likes of Stanley Gibbons, Scott & Henkel etc. should
    recognise SURNAMES in postage stamps as themes.

  3. Aayush says:

    Good one Sunilji. I wish they would also refuse to recognise “unknown” issues. Maybe then India post will stop issuing personalities on a wholesale basis!

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