Prerelease of Shyamacharan Shukla Stamp:Few More Facts

This is the PTI story ,published in The Hindu,IBN Live ,Money and many other Newspapers and websites

Jaipur, Feb 24 (PTI) India Post\’s Philatelic Bureau here has issued a postage stamp \"\"on former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shyama Charan Shukla for sale before its official release which is scheduled on March 9. The Rs five stamp bearing a picture of Shukla was earlier scheduled to be released on February 17 but due to some reasons it was postponed to March 9, official sources said here today. According to an official, the postage stamp is scheduled to be released at the national capital on March 9. Sources have said that 950 stamps worth Rs 4,750 have been sold out from Jaipur Philatelic bureau so far. When Contacted, S N Saini, Postmaster Jaipur GPO said he was not aware of the changed scheduled so the tickets were sold on February 17. K S Yadav, Additional Superintendent of Philately- New Delhi, said that no bureau can release the stamp before its official release which in this particular case is March 9. He said no bureau was asked to release the ticket on February 17 and if such thing has happened, appropriate action will be taken. \”The stamp was earlier scheduled to be released on February 17 but Prime Minister had no time so it was rescheduled for March 9. We have no information of any bureau has released the stamp,\” he said. RRP Singh, Chief Postmaster General, Rajasthan Circle, India Post, said that he was not aware if the Jaipur bureau has released the stamp. A city-based Philatelist Virendra Kumar demanded action against the guilty and said that the premature release of the stamp was an example of sheer laxity.

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3 Responses to Prerelease of Shyamacharan Shukla Stamp:Few More Facts


    Personally, the pre-issue would not matter to me if S.C.Shukla stamp
    ultimately sees the light of the day on 9th March.
    However the situation gets tricky when a issue like National Maths Day
    stamp slated for issue in the last week of December-2010 gets
    pre-issued only to be postponed & later Withdrawn.

    Despite, only a label technically, this Maths Day stamp is on
    offer on the internet. As Shakespeare said, “to be or not to be”.
    Or, TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY, where the possibility of
    appreciation in price is perceivably there.
    Perhaps, wiser sense prevails & IndiaPost issues the stamp
    anyway to discourage such scams in the future.

  2. Dinu says:

    Buck (hat) passing has started …

    At least PTI could get some response from Addl. Supdt. Philately. Most of my emails goes unanswered as per the NEW golden rule of communication – or might be silence is golden than answering questions with revealing answer.

    By the way I have one question – as per which clause / subclause, section or subsection of issue this stamp was supposed to be released this year.
    Is it under the 10th anniversary rule or some special case.

    Let the post master and treasurer pay 10,000 times the cost of the issued stamps for which they are unable to give stock – might be there is a chance that few will come back from secondary market.

    For sure the pre released stamps has not landed in real philatelist.

    By the way It is end of February and till now there is no sign of stamp issue programm in India Post website. Even the database showing released stamps shows only P.C. Gupta.

    Hibernation of Mammoth is not easy to break.

  3. Sandeep says:

    I think even when this issue will be released on 09.03, people who got cancelled FDCs of the February ‘mis-release’ will still feel like holding golden leaves in their hands.

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