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Translation of the news story published in Dainik Bhaskar Jaipur on 24 Feb 2012

Madhya Pradesh Ex. Chief Minister Shyamcharan Shukla Postage Stamps Pre Released in Jaipur GPO.

The Stamp was scheduled to be released on 9th March 2012 but it has come to knowledge that the sale of Stamps has taken place atleast 20 days prior to the scheduled date in Jaipur GPO. The Temporary date of release was 17th Feb 2012 and the confidential letters of release were given to members of Philatelic Advisory Committee. The Jaipur representative of the committee made its confidential letter publicily open in the Jaipur Philatelic Bureau. The date then again temporarily  changed to 9th March.

Certain Rules were made two years back regarding release of Stamps. Every year not more than 100 stamps can be released and only 10% of total stamps can be released on Prersonalities. Stamp on any Renouned personality can be released only on its 10th, 25th, 50th or 100th birth anniversary or his death anniversary. Shyamcharan Shukla passed away on 2007 and same stamp cannot be released before 2017.

Stamp on Shyamcharan Shukla will be released on 9th March and it cannot be bought before that. Sale of stamps will take place only after the stamp is released.                                                     K. S. Yadav, Additional Superitendent, Philately, New Delhi

The sale of stamp is under Treasury department.  S. N. Saini, Postmaster, Jaipur GPO

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9 Responses to INDIA:Another Pre Released Stamp

  1. Dinu says:

    If this has happened (I think Ramanujam, Sekarnar are two earlier example) then responsible culprit officer must summarily be sacked from his job.

    In most of the bureaux the tresurer does not come before 1 PM – may be he came early.

    It is hay day for some dealer from Jaipur.
    If stamp cannot be released before 2017 then why was it made ready by PAC in 2012. YSR got stamp before 10th Anniversary , Same might be Rajesh Pilot whereas President Venkataraman & K R Narayanan is not eligible – This shows the class of wise decision taken by our PAC – Who are this all powerful guys – Corruption nests in this lobby.

    Till today the issue program is not made public in website.

    Postal department started as a means of communication and they might have forgotten the meaning of Communication – Till date no response has been received from any officer (they call themselves public servant!!!!!!!!!!) – be it email or letter.

  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Shame on Post n Telegraph Deptt. In today’s times when many modes of communication are available for use how come such things can happen. To my mind it does not appear to be a bonafide error caused due to communication gap as is claimed but appears to be a deliberate attempt to make hay while sun shines as the release of this stamp is postponed on two occassions. Some intelligent mind has tried to derive the benefit of this situation as it had happened in the past. The best recourse for India Post is to set up the Inquiry in to the matter n ensure that real culprits are brought to the book n examplry punishments are meted out to the guilty ones. But one thing is clear THE THE STAMP HAS BEEN RELEASED BY PM if not by Prime Minister then by Post Master n abbreviation of both is same i.e. PM. Post Master must be fed up of freuent postponement of dates of release of this stamp n he must have thought that he is also PM so he must have ordered the release. What no body else can do at least repesentative of India Post sitting right under the nose of CPMG in State Capital has done it. Is it not?

  3. Sandeep says:

    Why reach the rule book again and again, when we know it is all a farce.


    Why do India Post controlling offices send philatelic circulars to
    Philatelic Bureaux/counters etc. that are not FINAL?
    Even in big private companies down-the-line office bearers live
    & swear by such circulars. Any mishappen, however naughty,
    can easily be ascribed & justified on the basis of last communication
    Who is wrong in the first place!
    PAC/ PCI should be more assertive & forthcoming in discharging it’s
    duties towards Phila-Public. Otherwise, they stand to lose their
    relevance & credibility.

  5. Kamran says:

    Jaipur GPO is great.
    Even small city counters provide good material but Jaipur GPO works for dealers only.
    Who cares.
    Nothing going to be change.

  6. R.K.MISHRA says:

    we have forgotten the sale of Guru Granth Sahib jee stamp.They did not came OUT DUE TO SOME CONTROVERSY OVER THE DESIGN but the stamp , miniature and sheet lets were sold over the world.Even some of were postly used.

  7. Dinu says:

    The email id of all big bosses can found in RTI section of India post – though getting any reply is uncertain.

    950 stamps released – if those were posted and carries post mark in few years it will be few hundred thousand rupees. The treasurer and post master should be made to pay that money for sheer laxity and negligence towards duty.

    For sure it is not error – it was deliberate – like selling the Khadi MS without presentation pack in Indipex 12.02.2011 for few hours.
    No answers to losses incurred and action taken against erring officials were made public.

    • Miss Krista Mary Joseph says:

      Positively, it was an error on part of the official.I was there, at the moment, the mistake was made.The official, unknowingly, to disperse the long que, came out with this idea, to part with the Khadi Gandhi M/S without the folder.At that moment, there were only 3 or 4 collectors(other side of counter) & he started giving away as per the collectors requirement(10/20 sheets).He was stopped by another official, but by then, he had given away, like less than 150 Miniature sheets , to almost 10 or more collectors(who were shying away till morning to stand in the long line).

  8. Dinu says:

    Dear Ms. KMJ,
    It is nice to know that you too have witnessed the incident.
    I wan in the line too – Hall entry for general public was allowed around 1115 AM and I was immediately in the India post counter.

    The selling of Gandhi MS has continued > 1 hour before being stopped as I was almost in the tail end of the Q. By the time 2 -3 (you know how disciplined was the Q) were before me the selling was stopped.

    I estimate the sale was > 1000. India post never came out with the correct figure.

    I wish to set up communication with you related to philatelist, in case you are interested, but I do not how.

    Best regards from India

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