INDIA:Stamp on Diamond Jubilee of ESIC Released

\"\"\"\"The Union Minister for Human Resource Development and Communications and Information Technology, Shri Kapil Sibal released  a commemorative postal stamp at the concluding function of Diamond Jubilee Year of Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, in New Delhi on February 24, 2012. On this occasion Union Labour and Employment Minister Shri Mallikarjun Kharge has said that Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC ), which was established with an ambition to provide integrated health care and social security to India’s working class in the organized sector and their families, over a period of time has become the backbone of the working class in the country. Speaking at the concluding function of the Diamond Jubilee Year Celebrations of ESIC here today, Shri Kharge said numerous benchmarks of excellence, quality and services have been achieved by ESIC during the last six decades. He said “it has served as an agent for empowering the workforce with social security. Not only the worker and their families have been protected from adversity, but it has also facilitated the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization of the country”. The commemorative postal stamp depicting ESIC’s far reaching contribution to India’s social security scenario.

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12 Responses to INDIA:Stamp on Diamond Jubilee of ESIC Released

  1. Sandeep says:

    Very nice stamp to have.

    But as per laid down rules:
    Point 18: A stamp on an institution, building, monument etc. may be issued on its centenary/125th anniversary/ 150th anniversary etc. The building, institution to be so honoured must be Heritage site of national/international importance…

    Is there already a stamp on Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (1952)?

  2. Dinu says:


    Telling the rule here does not make any sense as PAC does not even bother to see this site – they do what they feel as appropriate – only we vent our frustration here.
    Your finest jibe by quoting the rule and pointing that it is being flouted does not effect this thick skinned characters. The important people wants that their photo should be in news paper. Do you think the incharge minister has even tried to read those simple rules governing philately or he has time to act on it. It is Babudom which rules

    Case should be lodged against this people

    I have asked many times in this site
    Why there is no stamp on our president R Venkataraman.
    How stamp on Rajesh Pilot was released (2009?) – wen wasthe proposal made?by whom? When did PAC decidedto goahead with it.
    Same questions can beasked for YSR stamp.

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      A mockery of Rule-Book really.
      Murasoli Maran,
      Narendra Mohan,
      K.K. Birla…… etc. etc. & etc.

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Sir,
      Don’t despair. We shall be heard someday.
      I vent my frustration by cleaning my landlord’s withered garden on Sundays and jibe at the roses for not being blue.
      Social security is a very good theme to collect stamps on, as we are trying very hard to establish it, since decades.
      Like I said we should have a stamp on EPFO also, if there is none yet.


    In my opinion reaching for the Rule-Book every time a New stamp
    is issued takes away the Romance associated with stamps.

    I care more about the art-of-the-stamp just issued! Next comes
    quality of printing a.k.a. production standards. It gives me
    lots of pleasure in using such stamps. In 2011 I used lots of
    Trained Nurses,ICMR & Grand Lodge stamps.

    In my opinion ISP badly manhandled Rashtrapati Bhavan & Aero
    Centenary stamps. Both paper & colors(Inks) were not upto mark.

  4. N.A. Mirza says:

    I agree with Shri Garg. Let us enjoy the romance associated with stamps. India Post, as rightly pointed out by Shri Garg, pay attention to the quality of stamps. Most of the commemoratives these days are not properly printed, the faded colours in particular kill their sharpness, details of images and charm in them is totally lost. A philatelist/collector makes a mockery of himself when such worst quality stamps are shown to strangers or non-Indians, especially at a time when India is one of the top countries in the field of adversiting.

  5. Dinu says:

    Dear Sandeepji,

    Might be I could not make my meaning more clear. My apology, if I have hurt you.

    I have pointed many times before about many deeds of philately , which has not obeyed the rule book in this site. Quoted many links from here to responsible authority. Result — a big zero – the most powerful number in mathematics (Plz see the movie Aarakshan) – so I have gained.

    I am confident and sure that by your jibe even the roses can turn blue or even at my frustration the Sun can rise in the west (Plants too have feeling was proven by Aacharya J. C. Bose – so plants surely have the feeling of shame unspoiled by education) but getting a response from these Officers – “Never” “Never” – is my experience.

    Poet Kalidasa by seeing that repeated placing of earthen pot on a stone beside a well resulted in a depression on the hard stone could turn his life towards …..

    However, I am sure even if one serves them all the glaring example as main course during lunch / dinner with all the dressing (read example and proofs) they will not be able to see them .

    Even we shall find some supporters who will be of opinion – Rule book for issue? What’s for?? Just go on issuing for the sake of illegal (rule book when not followed => illegal?!) romance of pleasing high and mighty … “people will buy it – some might make a little noise– and then they will forget it”.

    In Jaipur – rule book was not followed – and now we have another pre – released one – to make a few blessed and well connected richer by few hundred thousand …

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Dinu Ji,
      No, you did not hurt my feelings at all. I would like to reciprocate regrets, in case I gave you any bad feelings by sharing my ways of venting frustration.
      In Jaipur snag, people could become richer only by virtue of cancellation dates of post office and FDCs.
      We need to see, whether they really bring anyone to books for this. In that case all pre-released material should be repealed by Issuer and its usage / sale in any form should be declared illegal by them. And in case we see no action, then our belief of this being a tactic of ‘creating a value’ for ‘no value’ would be further strengthened.

    • Aayush says:

      Dinuji, please email me on:

      Also if possible, please email me your cell no. as well. Need to talk and discuss on a few things.


    I think banning, stopping sales or withdrawing a pre-released
    issue is not the solution. It makes the item scarcer & even more
    Perhaps, releasing even more stamps than previously planned
    at a later date would discourage dirty officials, dealers &
    others to any such misadventure in future.

  7. Dinu says:

    Dear Gargsaab,

    I apologise that I am unable to follow your chain of thought here.
    Sandeepji has pointed out in other post
    “I think even when this issue will be released on 09.03, people who got cancelled FDCs of the February ‘mis-release’ will still feel like holding golden leaves in their hands.”

    I agree with Sandeepji – Issue can be increased but that will not reduce value of those gold leafs having pre – release proof (like date cancellation – normal round cancellation). In philately errors increased the value beside scarcity and rarity.

    Guru Granth Sahib was withdrwan – I do not know why ? but MS avaialble in secondary market is going something in between 2500 – 4500 Rs. a piece.

    Here severe punishment should be metted out to responsible culprit officer to set an example.

    I do not see there is any way to reduce the price of this goofed up items.
    Even banning will increase the value.


    As far as I know the first pre-release was Param Vir Chakra Stamp in 1976. I can not find what price their pre-canceled covers are
    commanding these days?

    One simple solution is to provide pre-release date cancellation
    while also releasing the pre-released stamp as soon as possible
    after a mishappen. This is not illegal as per the present custom.

    In 2010 Immanuel Sekarnar issue was released on two different
    dates by different GPOs!

    Guru Granth Sahib case is different as their was a CONTROVERSY
    regarding the placement of the holy scripture. Also, a somewat
    meaningful quantity got released that helped to create a market
    for a theme as strong as Sikhism.

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