Some “Non – Classic” Errors in Philatelic Accessories

By Dinu

\"\"To start with some good news, year pack for 2009 and 2010 was up for sale in New Delhi HPO. Together with it I could get FDC (c) for the year 2008. It left me with tear in one eye and smile in another.Smile due to the fact that working is improving. Materials are being sold and slowly Delhi circle is catching up with the pending work and rest of the country– ray of hope for philatelist from this area.Tear due to the fact that the FDC set for 2008 was incomplete and I was informed before buying that three FDC are not there in the packet. I took my own decision in buying it.

After that I found that three further brochures are not included, may be due to oversight (those are Merry Christmas – 08.12, Universal declaration of Human Rights – 10.12 and Field Marshal J M – 16.12). The FDC(s) not included in packet were Commonwealth youth games – 12.10, T. V. Ramasubhhaiyer – 21.12 and Rani V Nachchiyar – 31.12).

Thereafter I was going thru’ the packet to organize it and as I have read some post about folders in this site (one reference – and some more) I started scrutinizing each one of them. For sure the errors I have discovered are not going to classify any stamps as “Classic errors” nor will increase price in e-bay, I am sharing this information with you all as an update and views.

If we see the link given above (a nice write – up by Mr. Sudhir Jain) we can see the plethora of information like the type of paper used, stamp size, print size, perforation, type of colour used etc. Compare it with 95% brochure issued nowadays. I shall like to draw attention of all philatelists to the Brochures of issues I am listing below and shall request them to tell me the date of issue – sure FDC (c) tells us the date – from the brochure.(Please note to describe an issue I shall adopt the following form to save me from lot of typing– Name in short form / date of issue in dd/mm format – related year is 2008 only and items are FDC (cancelled) and Information brochure.)

 1. A. H. Majaj (28.03) 2. H. H. Larsen (12.06) 3. Indo – China (11.07) 4. Aldabra G T (02.08) 5. Indian Coast Guard (12.08) 6. Ustad B Khan (21.08) 7. Sir P. Theagarajar (17.09) 8. Brahmos (22.12) 9. Sheik Thambi P ((31.12) 10. T. Vellammal (31.12) 11. U. N. Kavi (31.12) 12. A. T. Paneerselvam (31.12) and 13. M . Vatsalam (31.12).

I could not find any issue date on these brochures (in the copies in my possession).Might be it is new model of printing brochure.

Some strange statistics evolve

  1. Total FDC issued in 2008 = 55.
  2. No comment from my side = 6 (3 FDC short + 3 Brochures missing)
  3. Sample size of survey = 49 (55 – 6 = 49)
  4. Issue date less brochure = 13 = (13/49*100) = 27% brochures.
  5. Seems no proof reading has been done by either concerned officers of India post or the printer. (Printer is not security printing press who has printed the stamp)
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3 Responses to Some “Non – Classic” Errors in Philatelic Accessories

  1. rahul says:

    Dear Sir,
    Could you please tell me the rate of FDC 2008 pack ?
    Also the availability of same as i called many times but nobody pick-up the phone.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Rahulji,
      As far as I know 2008 year pack is out of stock. I could not also lay my hand on and have purchased three packs from secondary market @ 950 per pack as some or the other issues were either damaged or missing – so I have used three packs to make a flawless set for me.
      As per information on the packing the number of stamps in 2008 year pack is 79 and cost printed is Rs. 650. This gave me an insight how fleecing goes on in secondary market.
      Just for information – 2009 is with 104 (Chandigarh GPO and Delhi GPO) stamps and 105 stamps (Cochin and Coimbatore Phila bureau – this have non violence day stamp of Mahatma Rs 25 – WNS classification IN062.09 says it is a commeroative issue but List in collectors pack have no entry against ) priced at Rs. 800.
      2010 year pack has 91 stamps @ Rs. 660.
      Above 3 prices as per information on the collectors pack and not secondary market price.
      Hope this answers your question

  2. Dinu says:

    One error from my side Rahulji – My apology.

    Total stamp in 2009 packet is 106 (without non violence day stamp from Delhi and Chandigarh bureau) / 107 (With this stamp from Cochin and Coimbatore bureau).

    My mistake happened as I had quoted the number printed on the collector’s pack.
    In the pack 91 – 92 is listed as greetings whereas there is 4 greetings stamp and should have been marked as 91 – 94.

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