Sweden Issued Europa 2012 Stamps

\"\"The theme of the EUROPA 2012 stamps is tourism. The European postal organization, Posteurop, whose members consist of 40+ postal organizations, determines the theme each year. Individual members then decide themselves which motifs they will use on their own stamps. A landscape from Dalarna and a panorama view of Stockholm with the Globe in the foreground are used for this year\’s Swedish EUROPA stamps.The choice of motifs matches the results of a survey conducted by the VisitSweden, a tourist organization that markets Sweden internationally.

The Dalarna province has been a frequent motif on stamps and in the 1970s Sweden Post issued a booklet, In Dalom, that depicted well-known tourist attractions. A panorama view of Stockholm was depicted on a stamp as early as 1924, and in conjunction with its inauguration in 1989 the Globe appeared on a stamp for the first time.

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