KERAPEX 2012 Concluded:4 Special Cover\’s Released

Special Report By Sreejesh Krishnan

12th Kerala State Level Philatelic Exhibition – KERAPEX 2012, conducted at Calicut from 14th to 17th February 2012.  Four Special Covers were released.

 14-02-2012 – EDAKKAL CAVES  


\"\"Edakkal Caves are two natural Caves located 1000 metres high on Ambukuthi Mala, 25 km from Kalpetta in the Wayanad District of Kerala in the Western Ghats.  They lie on an ancient route connecting the high mountains of Mysore to the Malabar Coast.  Inside the caves are pictorial writings believed to be from the Neolithic period which give evidence of the existence of a prehistoric civilization in this region.



\"\"Revathy Pattathanam is an annual festival held at the grounds of the Tali Temple under the patronage of the Zamorins of Kozhikode, since the 14th Century, to honour scholars.  Traditionally the competitions were conducted for seven days, beginning from the day of Revathy till Thiruvathira in the month of Tulam(Malayam month), under the watchful eyes of judges chosen from the recipients of the title in the previous years and Raja himself.  The Raja would honour the winner with the title \”Bhatta\” and a \”Panakishi\” (bag of gold coins) and also distributed kizhis (purses0 to 101 scholars proficient in the smrithis.

 This festival is now held only for a single day and its present aim is to conserve Sanskrit and the arts.  The word \’Pattathanam\’ is derived from the phrase \”Bhatta dhanam\” which literally means \”awarding Bhatta\”.

 16-02-2012 – THALASSERY FORT


\"\"Thalassery Fort was constructed in 1708 AD when the British East India Company established its settlement on the Malabar Coast and built a sea port at Thalassery for exporting a variety of spices such as \’pepper and cardamom\’.  This Fort was built by the British as a Military Centre to protect and control the spice trade through Thalassery port. 

 The square Fort,with its massive walls, war room, prison, secret tunnels to the sea, cannon holes, light house and intricately carved doors.  is an imposing structure.  Once the nucleus of Thalassery\’s development, it is now a historical monument.



\"\"Black rocks protect Muzhappilangad beach from the heavy breakers, creating a tranquil area of shallow waters, which is ideal for swimming.  The 4 km long beach is the only drive-in beach in Kerala, where one can drive its entire length.  The beach is tranquil and rather unexplored.



\"\"Muzappilangad Beach Special Cover carried by a philatelist from Calicut to Muzhappilangad – around 70 km and marked the Permanent Pictorial Cancellation of \”MUZFAPPILANGAD DRIVING BEACH\” on the cover on 17-02-2012. 

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7 Responses to KERAPEX 2012 Concluded:4 Special Cover\’s Released

  1. babeesh says:

    hi , how much cost for this special cover (per cover) and where it is available ?

  2. atish jain says:

    Nice spcl covers were released on ocassion of Kerapex2012, but the exhibition was conducted in the most worst possible manner with the dealers made to sit in the open scorching sun in the first 2 days. There was no proper publicity of this state level mega event. Dealers were provided the worst food by the postal department, with no courtesy to provide drinking water in bottles even. It looked like all the postal department staff had come there to enjoy a four day holiday(for them) instead of doing duty. No body in postal department cares for the development of philately. They just come to enjoy holiday on expense of public fund.Hopless exhibition in history of Kerala. Not a single thematic was given a GOLD medal. Worst Jury………..

  3. Oh… Are you Atish! How are you Atish? Your comment is very correct. Very popular themes are won Diploma only. John Audubon (ornithologist) birth bi-centenery collection (Frame 175/7) was full set collection of 57 countries! But won Diploma! I think the Jury has no deep knowledge in there subjects. Also Medical Science and Human Life (Frame 171/4) won Bronze. I think that collection is eligible for minimum Silver Medal. But what to do?

  4. George Reynolds says:

    1. The jury should be below 90 years (?) of age in future competitive exhibitions. And there should be at least a three member jury team.
    2. It seems the organisers did not have enough Gold and Silver medals to offer deserving competitors and just gave away what they had at random.
    3. On the whole it was a disaster.

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