India:Strange Stamp Issue Programme for 2012

By Dinbandhu Mahapatra and Anurag

A tentative stamp issue proramme for releasing of stamps in 2012 was in discussion among philatelists of India.According to sources this list was circulated by India Post among members of Philatelic Advisory committee for their information and views. It was an official document which was served to philatelic media (not philamirror) by some over enthusiastic member of the committee. India Post has officially not issued any release programme for 2012 so far. Delay in releasing the stamp issue programme is giving a chance to dealers to play in the market according to their convenience .If the tentative list is final than one more controversy will create because it is violating India Posts own rules for issuing commemorative stamps. India Post released its policy on issuing stamps last year and according to it no postage stamp will be released before 10th Birth or Death Anniversary of any person except head of the state.In the tentative list few such names were included. According to policy not more than 10% stamps will be issued on personalities but tentative list is showing more than 20% stamps on personalities.No issue can be seen in this list for Olympic 2012 and it can be seen that some leftover from last year\’s many times changed list is included here.

From the tentative list it is clear that first four issues have most accurately followed the prediction which is not yet available in India Post website.

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58 Responses to India:Strange Stamp Issue Programme for 2012


    India Post should have been out with it’s list of 2012 by
    December 2011. PAC, by still considering the contents between
    its’s members is only helping the bureaucrats at India Post.
    While India Post will blame PAC for the delay, can PAC wriggle
    out of it’s responcibility by saying that they are not answerable to
    the common public directly. PAC should be more assertive about the timelines & deadlines. Beautiful GAME of balls.

    • Gopal Tandan says:

      How can the PAC contend that they are not answerable to the common public directly? Are they not getting their remuneration from the Public money collected by the tax collectors from the tax payers of India? These days we find that the Phil Bureaux are being very poorly managed. Stocks of stamps available for sale are not being displayed properly, to encourage the amateur collector to buy them. Many of the stamps on display on the Notice Board are out of stock at the counters. Furthermore, the stocks of new stamps, FDCs, folders and Minisheets are not always available for sale at the PhilBureaux counters on the day of release. This indicates that the logistics are very poor, and I suspect that the communications between the various Phil Bureaux heads is also not up to the mark. The PAC, if they cannot cannot perform their duty, or are disinterested in taking decisions, or are incompetent, should be disbanded and a fresh stamp issuing body, who can stick to deadlines be appointed.
      Furthermore, the personalities stamps should be made more attractive than just portraits. It must be mandatory, besides the portrait, to depict some imagery of the person’s claim to greatness.
      If we want to popularise Indian stamps, we need better printing, color combinations and innovative designs. Every year at least one set of 10 self adhesive stamps on one theme be issued on a festive occasion, e.g. during Independence Day issue a set of stamps on the theme of culture, history, Indian culinary dishes, dance forms, various festivals, fruits and vegetables, major crops, costumes and dresses, paintings – past and contemporary, hill stations, railways, Indian towns and cities, etc. etc.

  2. Aayush says:

    Time and again, India Post is playing with the emotions of collectors. Personalities are being issued at the rate of wholesale. This is nothing but insanity. I was hoping that with so many reforms, we will see the dawn of new philately era in Indian philately in 2012. But alas! The same old story! It is better if India post stops issuing commemorative postage stamps. Dealers are making merry, the prices are touching sky high! It is not rocket science for any collector to understand that philately in India has become a business now. Gone are the days when collectors used to enjoy each and every issued. But now, its nothing but unknown faces gracing (read disgracing) the honour of being on postage stamps.

    I think its high time to file a RTI and know what is going on in Indian philately and Indian philatelic department in New Delhi.

  3. Sandeep says:

    Rules for issue of commemorative postage stamps by Department of Posts, Government of India.
    Point 11: Proposals should be sent at least two years in advance for consideration by the Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) and approval by the competent authority.
    Proposals from year 2010 should be under consideration.
    Point 13. Proposals will be considered and recommended/not recommended by the PAC. They will not be carried forward for the next PAC meeting.
    Clear decision there and then
    Point 9. Dates of issue once fixed shall not be changed. A proponent may hold a presentation function on any day on or after the date of issue.
    No turning around
    Well then, there must be an issue program out there. We know about it or not, and if not, then why not;that is the question.
    By the way, no rules on whether the issue program has to be announced publicly or not. 🙂

    • Anil Nawlakhe says:

      I would like to take attention to rule (point) 20 which puts condition of compulsive purchase of a lakh of postage stamp by the proponent, this is in contradiction to the provision of rule(point) 10 which enable a common citizen to propose for a commemorative stamp. Can a common CITIZEN pay such a large amount of lACKS RUPEES for proposing a commemorative stamp? This predicts need of review of these set of rules as well as creating and increasing awareness for the goodness of Indian Philately.

      • Dinu says:

        Dear Sir, you are right and point blank. That is the reason where we see many isssues on personality which are not ought to be and we do not see many like our ex – presidents as there is no presidents.

        Most of the politician’s offspring or party cadre (160 at present has criminal case pending) and industrialist’s near and dear one can afford to spend Rs. 5 – 10 lacs, which is peanuts for them (may be few hundred thousand more in proper place) to get a stamp issued but common people have no way to get it done.
        They only buy

        PAC control – who are they? what do they do when even in March there is no stamp issue program? Proposal has to be given 18 months before – (interestingly in eastern part of India there is a saying that in bureaucracy 18 months equals 1 year – may be the time limit was fixed based on that only ) and issue program will be realeased 18 months after the issue.

        We have to be patient and remain so.

        • Ujwala says:

          Let me try to answer-who are they? what is PAC?
          Structure of PAC:
          One union Minister (as chairman) with two state ministers of the concerned ministry and secretary of MOCIT;
          Six official members-One member(Philately) of Postal Services Board, JS &FA DoP, JS(Infra & Invest), DoEA, MoF, Addl. DG of APS, GM of ISP Nasik and GM of SPP Hyderabad.
          Non official Members -27-listed with personal names with postal address and no email for any one of them. Contact no of just 19 of these 27 members, few with STD code and others with just landline number/s and Residential address for 14 while office address for 13 members out of 27 can be observed on the three page document. One JS finds place in both class ‘official members’ and ‘non official members’. 02 are RS and 02 are LS members one is Ex MLA; Other given with identity of their field in the list are two academics one environmentalist and one philatelia; and five individuals are without identity of their field. Fifteen individuals along with twelve for organizations. One representative for philatelic organization and eleven for government organizations( 03 secretaries of the Sahitya Academy, Sangeet Natak Academy, Lalit Kala Academy; 03 DGs of National Museum , National Archives and Archeological Survey of India, 03 directors for National Gallery of Modern Art, Forest Research Institute and Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. One principal from College of Arts; and one as chairman from Indian Council of Historical Research); Only two institutes are out of Delhi from Jabalpur and Dehradun. Of the 27 individuals 02 are from Ajmer, 08 Delhi, and one each from Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai, Mumbai and Allahabad.
          I could identify only two as women among non official representatives out of 27.
          This structure of PAC is derived out of information through RTI and is being shared through this platform of PHILAMIRROR. The strange thing can be observed in the column heads as ‘name of personality and institutes’ but carries entries of names only and no institute but specialization in few cases. However, name of institute can be looked in column heading ‘address’.
          A RTI query was put to CPIO, Philatelic Division of DoP on 07/10/2011 about ‘Role, Structure (constituent members, their essential background, tenure, supporting staff, perks, facilities, allowances etc.), responsibilities and details in specific about the present PAC members (names and background, date of constitution, date of tenure etc,); In reply with no proper date on the letter (the date reads as ’11-2011’), CPIO said ‘The Philatelic Advisory committee is constituted with the approval of MOC&IT by taking the experts from different fields. The committee members are paid TA/DA for the meeting days. The PAC assists the MOC&IT for the approval of the cases for issue of commemorative stamps’; about present PAC he said ‘the PAC was constituted in November 2010. The PAC members are selected from different fields. Some are from official side. List is attached.’ and missed (cheated) to attach the LIST. It is only after the FIRST APPEAL the FAA (First Appellate Authority), going beyond his RTI responsibilities directly provided this three page list of PAC members, attached with his (her!) letter dated 10/01/2012 (received on 14/01/2012) as reply to the APPEAL (not as ORDER of proceeding of the appeal) instead of giving order to the concerned CPIO to provide the information. Even though this list provides PARTIAL answer (Thanks to FAA) to the RTI Query the FAA says information provided was COMPLETE, and though it took more than 30 days to reach the information seeker, according to FAA it is within the stipulated period of 30 days. To honor, these public authorities are high ranked officials.
          I understand these are the common examples experienced by many of you (the RTI activists) but RTI is the only way in getting ‘authentic information’ on Indian Philately while working for any philatelic scholarship. There are many fields in the decision making process of these stamps (e.g. designers, artists and proponents of post independent commemorative stamps issued by India- Such information is not maintained in Philatelic Division with DOP even for last FOUR years, as the CPIO replied and advised to see website where scholars lack information from authentic government sources. I just quote the situation of philatelic writer Ashwin Baindur as he writes-
          “One of the problems of Indian Philately is that the “story” behind a postage stamp is quite opaque. The postal department does not oblige philatelists by reliable documentation and transparent procedures. I was writing an article on “Birds on Indian Stamps” for Aasheesh Pittie, editor of the Indian Birds and I found it difficult to find any information about bird stamps. I was constrained to publish the article, though I felt that I had inadequate information and could find no way of getting more.” []
          Thus they may not be willing to acknowledge the RTI, we as Philatelic Activists must try to acknowledge RTI through available opportunities and avenues. I appeal to all of you.

          • Dinu says:

            great Ujwalaji .. this is really an eye opener.

            I am ready to join in the exploration via RTI as I have many queries – but do not know how to go ahead with it and how to draft a legal letter for maximum impact.
            It shows that you have done a big amount of job – I have made some very small research – to get answer in amicable way I have sent an email to DDG (Philately) – but two weeks have passed and there is no answer.

            I shall be thankful if you can tell me how to go ahead with RTI.
            Together (all of us) we will win.

            • Ujwala says:

              Well come to ‘US’. You have posted neither of the need of your information nor your field of work, still be sure of the help. In the first step you need to prepare yourself mentally for passion, patience and planning. Try to understand the confronting ‘second party’, your aim, target and the tool you are going to use. Be specific and use relevant frame & time to stand. Format your requirements that others (especially supplier/s) can understand its significance and try to provide within their capacity. Most importantly TRACK our own action (every) after adequate time lapse. Acknowledge the help they have offered (even PARTIAL). Take every word as source of further information. Find some more hints in Current Science while you view nice IYC Stamps. Don’t forget to share your knowledge so received in a constructive way. Remember, ‘MORE YOU SHARE MORE YOU GAIN; LEAST YOU SHARE LEAST YOU GAIN’ is the spirit of Philatelic Ethics.

            • Anil Nawlakhe says:

              Why don’t you put your philatelic queries openly and seek information or concrete guidance. Perhaps the like-minded forum will helpful to some extent. Try with confidence.

          • Anil Nawlakhe says:

            Well done, with spirit of true RTI for philatelic fraternity. The RTI really needs to be acknowledged by philatelic spirit.

          • Anil Nawlakhe says:

            Find SOME stamps are issued on (closely related) these evaluators. Examples reveal that Proponents are evaluating their own proposals or perhaps evaluators are behaving as proponents, proposing the stamps. More research to understand the SCENE behind screen is needed. Surely many like Dinu will join the path with philatelic spirit; and many individuals have started to think on the line, few might have drafted their action. Best luck for your appeal.

      • Sandeep says:

        Who knows, perhaps 5 lac rs. is the break even cost for the issuer to print any stamp.
        Alternatively, we can wait for our lucky day, when it comes by itself.

        • Anil Nawlakhe says:

          To a common CITIZEN a lakh even worths much more.
          Alternately, the rule 10 should have said ‘POTENTIAL INVESTOR’ instead of ‘ANY CITIZEN’ to take care of rule 20, at least I suggest.
          Using public money for seating of committee and taking pearks and benefits, still remains without work being done by these public authorities(DoP and PAC in this case) -You can observe the issue of shedule for 2012 commemorative stamps, contribution to the WNS database remains in pending even after lapse of TWO months

          • Sandeep says:

            Rule (point) 10 furtively says: Proposals may be sent by any citizen of India.
            No binding that he or she whether common or uncommon has to pay for it alone. A number of common citizens can always join hands to contribute towards an uncommon group and propose a choice.
            Idea of ‘investment’ always appears ‘sane’ out of fear of lack of social security, both to the common and the uncommon. The line between hobby and investment is almost invisible, and duly, no common citizen can guarantee abstaining from monetary gains out of philately if he / she has to at some point of time.
            In these rules, perhaps the unwritten lines are: “If you yearn for it, then you have pay for it, ‘cause we sell it”.
            Have a nice day.

            • Anil Nawlakhe says:

              Thanks. Dear sir, you are very much right with the spirit of philately you have. This will once again helpful to get status to the hobby as ‘Hobby of King/s’. ‘We see the world, as we contribute the world’. Taking the philately and philatelic activities in narrow vein resulted in the ‘Strange Stamp Issue Program for 2012’, missing the issues on national importance beyond boundaries like launching of Currency symbol, Lonar lake, International Year of Chemistry 2011, and likely to miss the issue for International Year of Co-operation 2012 etc. I find a space for Research Institute to work out on varied aspects of the field.

              • Ujwala says:

                Here is good news from Department of post, again through RTI. As an appreciating and well come action, the PAC in its meeting of Feb 2011 had proposed a Research Wing for Philatelic Division of DOP. The process of establishing is on the way, accordingly; and sharing this happy event on PHILAMIRROR. CONGRATES DOP.
                With my little knowledge, I sense philately beyond stamp collection and stamp collection beyond an album. PHILATELY, if I’m right, is valued for psychology, culture, history, communication, public education and much more including nationalism; and STAMP values as social document that is helpful in nation building. Hope you and others will agree with this. An attempt to understand philately and stamps can take the hobby to status of ‘King of Hobbies’. Hope, the DOP while establishing Research Wing will consider these aspects for fraternity of Indian Philately. Indian Philatelic Associations can play important role in this arena.

                • Anil Nawlakhe says:

                  But the INSTITUTES are run by peoples and their attitude. Their working reflects / shows that ‘manifest in the scientific community in philately as a failure to acknowledge the potency of postage stamp’. This negligence represents a failure of the ‘intellectual imagination’ as they (postage stamps) provide ‘an intriguing form as well as means of daily communication with both a domestic and an international remit’. All the best for, ‘Research in Indian Philately’ and initiative taken by the DOP. Yes, here DOP needs appreciation and to be congratulated for their step towards fraternity of the Indian Philately.

                • Dinu says:

                  Meeting was on February 2011 – One year has passed. Can you please enlighten me with present status.
                  Secondly I want to file an RTI to know the non posting of issue program in website – any idea how to proceed. Sure only eight are commenting – Myself possibly the most – but till today there is no headway about the availability of issue list for year 2012.
                  I remember reading somewhere that “the reason for evil to win though there is more number of good people on the earth lies in the reason that evils can unite but good not” —- or something of similar effect.
                  I heard listening to a song by Mr. A. Bachhan – “Jadi tor dak sune” – I need some help (not financial) to file the RTI. Any person out there with some exposure in this field?

    • Ujwala says:

      These set of Rules do not indicate from which date they are effective. When asked about ‘date of issue’ and ‘date of implimentation’ of these rules, the CPIO, Philatelic Division, DoP answered simply ’05/07/2011′. Thanks to CPIO.

      • Dinu says:

        Ujwalaji – my first mail was cut out with same sort of reply. Tha is what is holding me back to go ahead with a RTI application.

        The small research I have made and do believe have some food for thought was sent to Philamirror for sharing.
        I think if contents are suitable you might see it here – though I have sent the article to all my friends even remotely related with Philately.

        Have a great day.

  4. Aayush says:

    I request Dinbandhuji and Anuragji to share the tentative list if it is available with you guys.

  5. Dinu says:

    @Dear Ayushji – Please see the link

    I do not know after this article is published you can see the post there _ I have made pdf file and can send you. By the way to stop unwanted questions or to through off track issue of today (it was written in the white board in counter # 1 on 09.02.12 in Sansad Marg PO) has been postponed .
    By the way till now I am keeping block of 4 of ASI issue for you and have asked your contact address – If you do not need it let me know.

    You are always saying RTI – We should not say but do it. I am already drafting one for filing it.

    @ Sandeepji – I have the rules of issue down loaded from site also. Thanks for nicely pointing it out . In short like telegraph language (that was also part of India post) some examples –
    Worli painting, Railway bridges, R. Venkataraman was published many times in last years list. Poor soul Venkataraman had to see (if he can from whereever he is) many changes in proposed date and ultimately got kicked out. Situation clearly violates Point 9. What was PAC doing then?
    I have lamented many times before why is IP hell bent on fixing issue date on holiday and Sunday – This year too there was one – 15th January – Bhai Jagta Singh.
    Does Chief minister of a state can be counted as head of state? -If not, then why YSR was issued in 2010? Presidents should be considered as head of state or not – if they are head of state then why Poor Neelam S Reddy and R Venkataraman is not issued till date? – Is there not a rule stating 10th anniversary or something like that. Shall we start finding the details.
    If a proponent can held the function any day after the issue then why stamps are not sold across the counter from opening hours instead of (mostly the functions are in Delhi) until the function is over on the published day of issue – By the time issues are available in the counter it is 3 PM even if the function is over by 1200 . One exception is the IIC on 09.02.12 – It was available on from around 1130 as I could buy it at around 1215 hours. Who is escaping responsibility? Where is the accountability?

    So many questions like a small growing and wandering child – unfortunately I know the answers too – Interested to know it.

    In one line
    “Exception proves the rule” was what we learnt but for India Post exception is the rule. In Chandigarh GPO FDC are not available on the day of issue. In Delhi one has to get it done by himself – only oasis there if Mr. Rajaram is there, who most gladly does it. I have written many times that Bureau in Delhi is understaffed.

    Sorry for the telegraphic language – actually I am writing my experience of different counter / bureau domestic as well as abroad.

    • Aayush says:


      Please pass me your email address so that I can email you. I am ready to file a RTI at Mumbai Bureau and will be doing so next week.

      I am on good terms with the Mumbai philatelic bureau head who is a very fair lady. She has agreed to help me in the best way possible.

      Lets see what happens.

      PS, I still need the blocks. Will discuss in email.

      • Dinu says:

        Dear Ayushji,
        Blocks are kept for you.
        Give me your email id here and I shall contact you after Tuesday as I am on travel today and tomorrow. Keep it in this post only as last time I lost track about the post we had used for communication.


    • Sandeep says:

      President R. Venkataraman, date of death 27th January has passed. Lets wait for date of birth 4th December.
      President Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, still no news of issue.
      Acting presidents Basappa Danappa Jatti and Mohammad Hidayatullah, will there be any issue ever we do not know.
      Thematic philately is very difficult for us to complete.

  6. Dinu says:

    @Sandeepji – on “there is norule whether it has to be made public or not” -Sir are you not going crazy. They,though, are called “Public servant” actually “public is the servant”. Do you think that by making the rule , which you are asking, they will close their own escape route?
    They are smart only we are fools.
    Eruption of Corruption in every field is making India most famous nation. Look at Golden quadrilateral scam, 2G scam, Porngate, … I think if one spends a little time he can make a small compilation of A – z of scam like B for Bofors scam, N for NHRM scam, P for …lately scam……?? By making this one compulsory in primary education we can make our future generation more street smart and fit for the future.


    I think, the India Post rule-book about commemoratives is
    absolutely in-definitive so we would be better using our neurons & fingertips elsewhere. Like,Quality Printing!!

    We all know, how ISP rubbished Rashtrapati Bhavan Stamps in
    2011. Who was responsible for that?

  8. Dinu says:

    Good news – the India post website is now in new look.
    However, the issue list in 2012 still could not be found.
    Only Puran Chand Gupta is shown in 2012 issue whereas there are three more.

    Still some progress.

  9. Aayush says:

    Sunilji, your guess is as good as ours. Let us not get into the blame game right now. Right now, amongst the philatelists ( read: collectors) we need a strong unity and standing. Mumbai GPO is thronged by the dealers day in and out, waiting for an issue to lapse, so that they can hoard it. Many of them have PDA’s too! What shameless hussey’s!

    I am ready with the RTI in terms of philatelic schedule of 2012 to be made public and will be filing it on the coming saturday.

    Is anyone elsewhere going to do the same? I saw the program of 2012 sent by Dinuji. 6 personalities are totally unwanted for! Instead, we could have a nice, good long set of olympics.

    Why should olympics be given step motherly treatment when we are soon going to match shoulders with the other olympic nations? Look at China, it was somewhere in top 20 medal list not so long ago and today it has made it to the top 3.

    Its a shame, we promote only cricket and useless politicians.

  10. sreejesh says:

    First set of four stamps expecting on 28th March 2012 on Lighthouses of India on the occasion of 150th anniversary of Allapuzha light house. Set includes Allapuzha, Kadalur both from Kerala State and one each from Rameshwaram and orissa.

  11. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Thanks for the advance info about Lighthouse stamps.
    Who cares for the unreliable Schedule doled out by India Post!
    I am waiting for the final & sure dates of Step Wells and Embroidery
    stamps like nothing else in 2012.
    I hope & I wish that they DO come…Quickly!

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Ujwala Ji, Anil Ji, Garg Ji, Aayush Ji, Sreejesh Ji, Dinu Ji and Anurag Ji,
      I believe this article has earned the biggest amount of commentary so far.
      Would we like to experiment with ‘Philatelic democracy’ by trying to establish a quorum of 500 like-minded philatelists and contribute INR 1000/- each towards proposal of an issue of common choice?
      Yes, we all know and like Socrates viewed, that Democracy too has Tyranny, intended somewhere deep inside its heart.
      Await your valued verdict on the proposal.

      • Anil Nawlakhe says:

        Good Idea with appropriate attitude towards ‘COMMON’ after all uncommons are not separated by a ‘line’, but are ‘subset’ of these commons. Uphelding your idea of ‘Philatelic Democracy’. The rule 10 empowers common citizen for the same with barrier of rule 20. With spirit of my latest comment please go through following-
        PHILATELY IN TRANSITION IN INDIA, Part 19, Issue # 78 – August 15, 2002, at

      • Ujwala says:

        Caution! Pre-Caution!! Please evaluate the commentary to quantitative and qualitative aspect. Although discussion within comments is ‘WORTHY, find only EIGHT commentators participating. This MIRRORS for the forum of 500. Need’s to improve this number (of like-minded!!!). How? The task ahead right now. Best Luck.

        • Sandeep says:

          Seems like we already have three like-minded ones.
          But what is our common choice, please?

          • Anil Nawlakhe says:

            I see yet no one from senoirs are joining in this issue. Lets hope and wait.
            Even though I take this as second path and stress the sensitivity of rule 20 and importance of rule 10. Still suggest, the choice must be of national interest and public cause like International year celebration, Indian constitution, Currency logo or RTI logo

            • Sandeep says:

              Perhaps I should request PhilaMirror to dedicate a separate page to this and note down our names and choices. This will bring out a nice picture of what we have in mind.
              After all fighting for “Nothing” does not make any sense.

      • Dinu says:

        I am ready to contribute Rs. 1000/- for this common cause and might be able to rope in one or two like minded people from my area.

        Shall appreciate if Ujjwalaji can comment something on how to file and RTI.

        • Dinu says:

          How to file an and not “and”..

        • Sandeep says:

          Thanks. Great going. Now there are 4 of us, with possibility of a 5th or 6th from your end. And I hope to have upto 10th from around myself too. Seems like we really can bring down the huge amount of 5 lac Rs. to 1000 Rs., or even lesser.
          But like asked before, do you have any theme in mind?
          The answer to above question is important for Philatelic Democracy to work for us. Otherwise, ultimately it’d be found that, we are no different than the PAC itself 🙂 . Cannot decide what to issue, when to issue, no issue program, under pressure (sustained or not, don’t know) from various corners,… facing RTI, Philatelic Satyagrah… 🙂 .

  12. ujwala says:

    Nice. Perhaps ‘acknowledgement to the RTI’ can be the best choice. I personaly suggest. Shortly to comment on the proforma for file query through RTI.

  13. Ujwala says:

    Place Total No. of pages in the document and also mark each page.
    Label BY REGD A/D POST and email (email after posting the formal document keeping a copy with you)
    Heading GOI-RTI Act 2005

    The Information officer (CPIO),
    Philatelic Division, DOP, Dak bhavan, sansad mg, New Delhi 1110 001
    • Affix recipt of payment of rupees 10/- as the RTI FEES paid at any postal counter
    1. Full name of the applicant
    2. Address of the applicant
    3. Particulars of the information asked-Subject of information, Nature of information, Format of information required, Information required details.
    4. Name of the office/public authority or dept or division to which information is relates.
    5. Way of information required whether by registered post or so.
    6. Does applicant belongs to BPL, if yes attach proof.
    Few lines to acknowledge andreply the RTI query with stress on payment done for RTI FEES. Also seek information details about appellate authority, with name and address for making first appeal in case if the reply will be not to satisfaction
    Place with date signature of applicant
    Note: In lack of your information need or field of work for which you need information, I could only provide this proforma. With your intention, your email.. can be more appropriate to communicate.

    • Dinu says:

      repeating information given above.

      Please find my email below

      Spelling out the first part of id to avoid any mistake
      (Golf Tango November underscore Kilo 44 @…)
      My sincere thanks for your pain staking effort.

      P.S Next two weeks I am out on road.

  14. Dinu says:

    To all my respected friends

    How about the few common things suitable for a proposal for a issue from 500 like minded (we have not crossed 9 – 10 yet here in this forum)

    – Silence of the India Post
    – RTI at the gate
    – Who killed issue list (in website)?
    -The great PAC ( In place of dictator we may replace with many abbreviation like Provincial Armed Constabulary, Publicly apathetic committee etc. etc. without offending anyone).
    – or, The great personalities.
    – Philately, king’s (modern day! read painly powerful pen pushers in Phila) money maker.
    – Folder’s comedy of errors.
    – The listing after issue (Like the day after tomorrow)
    – Collect another day or collecting impossible.
    – Venkataraman issue holo deri (Like in Pathe holo deri => Got late on the Road )
    – Philatelir Panchali (hindi dubbing will be required as Satyajit Ray is no more).
    – What in a surname?
    – Where collector’s dare
    – Dealer’s Gold (Design should not depict end like Maccena’s Gold but something positive and promising)
    – Great contact.
    – and , and, and …..

    I hope the storm in the tea cup is getting over.

  15. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    Issue of commemorative RTI stamps may be considered. These stamps should carry logos of RTI and spread awareness of RTI. • A display at the Information …

    RTI to have NID stamp

    Graphics department head Tarun Deep Girdher has created four logos; will work on two of these prior to making final presentation before the Union govt in May-end

    By Shraddha Singh , Posted On Monday, May 10, 2010 at 02:38:41 AM

    Guess who is giving the Right to Information (RTI) movement a face? None other than the city’s premier institute – National Institute of Design (NID).

    The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Government of India, has assigned the task of designing a logo for RTI to the graphics design department of NID.

    The logo will be the visual identity of RTI for creating awareness and connectivity with the masses. Tarun Deep Girdher, head of the graphics department at NID, is the man who will be responsible for designing the RTI logo.

    The design brief given to him was that the logo should represent the crux of the right – transparency, accessibility, information and transaction and it should be easy to replicate. Girdher will give the second presentation in May-end.

    The logo will be used on all awareness material and also outside the offices of PIOs across the country. The logo is expected to be introduced to the masses this October.

    Talking exclusively to Mirror about this important project, Girdher said, “The project was assigned in 2009-end. I presented four concepts and have to work further on two.”

    He said it has been a stimulating and challenging experience as he is dealing with the issue of designing a logo for the masses, where due to linguistic and literacy aspects, one cannot take the path of designing a logotype (logo with text).

    “I have to design a logo for an intangible concept which does not have a physical product to relate to. It is very crucial that the design has a pan-India appeal, cutting across cultural and literacy boundaries. The logo has to be simple and direct, not only in terms of visual composition, but also reproduction. It should be uncomplicated enough to be replicated by a roadside painter on the wall,” he added.

    Girdher, who also designed the logo for the Election Commission of India in 2000-2001, gave the first presentation of the four concepts before government representatives in April, after which two ideas were shortlisted to be further worked upon……….

    Rainbow Stamp News [ ]

    Recently we sent an email to DDG (Philately) putting with a proposal for a stamp on RTI Logo . But as expected had no reply or …

  16. Ujwala says:

    Government of India carried out a study for Understanding the “Key Issues and Constraints” in implementing the RTI Act* June 2009 and in its Final Report recommended that awareness initiatives should involve both – Central and State Government. ‘ Issue of commemorative RTI stamps may be considered. These stamps should carry logos of RTI and spread awareness of RTI’ is one under title ‘5.3.1. Massive awareness campaign’ saying

    A massive awareness campaign is necessary to educate the citizens about the RTI Act and encourage citizen involvement. The awareness program must especially target the vulnerable categories of citizens such as: (i) women; (ii) farmers and rural families; and (iii) middle and working class, for whom most of the social benefit schemes of the Government are targeted. For this purpose, RTI awareness and education needs to be aggressively pursued using the appropriate medium of communication. Also adequate budget needs to be allocated by the appropriate Governments for this initiative. The main objectives of the campaign should be to
    – Increase public knowledge and awareness;
    – Encourage citizen involvement and debate; and
    – Increase transparency within Government through informed citizenry

    Will the DoP think of these GOVERNMENT RECOMMENDATION and follow inline with DoPT directions relevent with lauch of RTI Logo(Oct 2010) for a ‘commemorative stamp on RTI Logo’. Let us hope.

  17. Sandeep says:

    May I pr(opose)edict a Moti Lal Nehru issue tomorrow?

  18. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Motilal Nehru Issue-whenever it happens in 2012 is a tough ask.
    As, in my opinion, India Post 1961 Motilal Nehru stamp is one of
    the best personality issue ever done by India Post, till date.
    Let us hope & pray that India Post surpasses itself in terms of
    originality of design & product quality standards!

  19. The Indian post is playing the new ball game with philately with no issue can be seen in this list for Olympic 2012, though the other countries have been issuing Olympic stamps to promote the games and to enrich the Olympic philately, I was hoping many stamps will be issued during 2012 Olympic Games by Indian post as I have written on the blog please ref the below link
    Keeping the finger crossed and hoping many stamps issued by department of Indian post on this subject to promote the sports in India

    In mean time FIPO has announced that the next OLYMPEX philatelic exhibition will take place from 24 July to 9 September 2012 at the British Library in London. The exhibition will be by invitation only and based on the London Games of the Olympiad: 1908, 1948 and 2012. The entire announcement may be viewed in below link

  20. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    I found some philatelic items with RTI Logo on them. You please click the link below and view yourself…Let us hope a stamp from DOP in near future…

  21. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    Follow the video and more on RTI Stamp…

  22. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Philatelic Department of India Post is zero on leadership & full of
    100% bureaucrats who could not care less. Advisory committees are
    somnolent,defunct paper tigers.
    Thank God! they employ wonderful artists who still give the
    public wonderfuly designed great stamps every now & then.

  23. Dinu says:

    15 weeks out of 52 are gone i.e. 25% still there is no issue programme for year 2012. Slumber of India post is yet to be over.

    Just imagine and be proud in which great country (shining) we are living.

    I am proud to be ….

    jai hind.

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