Say it with Stamps:Stamp Show at Vijayvada


The exhibition-cum-sale of a rare collection of stamps, coins and currency notes of various parts of the world, organised recently in the city by members of Guntur Numismatic and Philatelic Society was a major attraction for school kids. Children learnt more about the collection that included coins and currency notes used by ancient rulers of India and around the world, their phased evolution and the tale of their changing avatars over the past several decades.Stamp collection is a favourite hobby for many school children. Most of the exhibitors, who were members of the Society, developed this hobby in their childhood. But as they grew up, it became their passion, egging them on to add more rare pieces to their prized collection.Stamp collection in the past meant collecting stamps of one country or a group of countries. They were displayed in date of issue order. Most stamps had portraits of important personalities or symbol of a country.But with changing times, people with this hobby have brought about modifications in their collections.“Theme” is the catch word today. Subjects like animals, the universe, flowers or transport are the usual themes.

The Society members at the exhibition said how the Internet has been the best thing to have happened to philatelists. It provided a platform for the like-minded across the world to connect, exchange ideas and part of their collections on a daily basis.(Source-The Hindu)

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