The Bahamas:Stamps on WWF Caribbean Flamingo

\"\"This stamp issue, produced in association with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), illustrates the National Bird of theBahamas.Long ago, these beautiful birds were found all over the Bahamas, but they were killed for food and sport and taken away on passing ships on which they died. Now they are a protected species and watched over by the Society for the Protection of the Flamingo in The Bahamas through the Bahamas National Trust, a statutory body set up in 1959.The flamingo has a large breeding colony on Great Inagua. It is one of three major nesting groups found in the West Indian region. The other two being in the Yucatan, Mexico, and Bonaire of the Netherlands Antilles.

Caribbean flamingos, also called the greater flamingo and American flamingo, with their long spindly legs and feet, long and gracefully curved necks and fantastically bright pink feathers, legs and webbed feet are quite unmistakeable. Another unique feature is of course their large hooked bill which is again pink but with a black tip. They grow to a height of around 47 to 55 inches and have a wingspan of around 5 feet. The sexes are similar in appearance although males tend to be larger than the females.Set – 15c, 50c, 65c, 70c S/S – $5 Sheetlet of 16 – $8 (note all stamps in sheetlet \’bleed off\’ at edge) Designer Owen Bell,Process Stochastic Lithography,Perforation 13 per 2cms,Stamp size 28.45 x 42.58mm,Release Date 21 March, 2012

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