Where is the Stamp Issue Programme of India Post for 2012 ?

India Post is still sleeping. It seems that nobody in this huge organization is serious about philately.Recent example is stamp issue programme for this year.Official site is silent and still showing stamp issue programme of 2011.Few  philatelic blogs are speculating about new issues but nobody knows the actual status.Now when 3 commemorative stamps have already  been released in January India Post should think about disclosing the issue programme.

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10 Responses to Where is the Stamp Issue Programme of India Post for 2012 ?


    Indian Philatelist, always on the knife’s edge. India Post won’t even
    help with them dreaming about forthcoming issues by posting an
    early list on the internet.

    Gone are the days when India Post used to make a previous day,
    page three announcement in all the newspapers with an image of
    the Issue next day.

    Also gone is the news item in the 8:45 Doordarshan evening news showing VIPs holding sheet of the stamp issued in a big album.

    And that cyclostyled sheet of the actual & proposed issues sent
    to PDA holders is gone too. Anyways, it always came too late!

  2. atish jain says:

    Last Year India post had taken huge quantity of Sleeping Pills, so they are yet to awake. Hope by 3 to 4 months the schedule will be realesed followed by at least 6 to 7 reschedulings and cancellations and changing of programme.
    Schedule is purposely held because they wont allow philatelists to plan their purchases. Instead they will sell the items at double the face value to their favourite dealers who grease their hands and within 2 days of release of a particular stamp-it will vanish from all the bureaux. Then after 15 days all the materials will pop up in Ebay. Like it happened in case of Children’s day 2011 and Archeological Survey m.s.

  3. Sandeep says:

    Perhaps the logic behind this situation is –
    “What is the utility of having an issue program, which cannot be followed and needs to be altered every now and then?
    So instead of sprouting false hopes and sustaining pressure from different corners for not including the long-awaited-ones, it is better not to have one.”
    This might also prevent the dealers from targeting certain issues with high-popularity-potential for hoarding.
    And whatever ultimately passes between the rollers, shall be delivered to the PDA holders anyway, sooner or later.

  4. Dinu says:

    4th stamp is going to be release shortly is the rumor.
    It seems some of the speculations about release was accurate.

    The present scenario is indeed deplorable.

  5. Sudhir Jain says:

    India Post has circulated a list of 71 stamps to be issued in the year 2012. Out of which 15 on Personalities, 9 on Institutions / events, 6 on Nature, 16 on Heritage, 8 on Transport, 8 on Culture, 2 on Greetings, 2 on Defence, 1 on Philately Day, 2 on Children’s Day and 2 on India – Isreal Joint issue. Although some actual dates are missing in the list.

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Jain sahab,

      Could you please provide a link to this list, so that we all may see the details.
      I am unable to find it on the usual India Post website.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Dinu says:

      Respected Jainsaab,

      To whom they have circulated? To common public or to few blessed and well connected one. I was led to a web site where I too could see a typed list or dot matrix printed list.

      By the way is there anyway to know the names of gentleman associated with PAC and their email id. I just want to send them a list of exceptions or rather the smaller one “list of non-exception” related to recent few issues.

  6. Dinu says:

    I too have same desire like Sandeepji.

    Sandeepji you are right on reasoning of not releasing the official list for common public in website – few important person might sure know but does that help us?

    17.02.2012 is proposed release date for Shyma Charan Shukla.
    I have seen the announcement in Sansad marg GPO on 09.02.12.

  7. Partha Saha says:

    I am a new comer in the field of stamp collection. Still I think that the quality of Indian Stamps in terms of design and paper has declined in last two years. For instance you can compare the Children’s day issue of 2009, 2010 and 2011. The versatility is missing along with the artistic touch.

  8. Aayush says:

    Where are the olympics issues? 2012 is the year of olympics and we dont have any information on olympics issues? If yes, it is a big shame and blot on the India Post’s face! I seriously feel like giving up collecting now.. It seems India post loves playing with the emotions of collectors and has some sort of a tie-up with the dealers to play this game..

    Jain saheb, please provide us with the tentative list. Atleast let us know what is going to be issued this year. I am very curious to know if there are any known personalities this year or not. I wonder what are they going to issue for transport? And why dont we have any commemorative series on fruits and vegetables?

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