Now Prabhakaran Stamp Released in Norway

\"\"Eezham Tamil activists in Norway on 4th Feb 2012 released stamps featuring LTTE leader V. Pirapaharan, the map of Tamil Eelam and some of the LTTE declared national symbols of the de-facto state of Tamil Eelam, including the Tamil Eelam national flag. The stamps were released in front of the Norwegian Parliament by Jeyasri Balasubramaniam, a candidate elected to represent the Eezham Tamils in two elections held in that country. The event coincided with the so-called independence day of Sri Lanka. On 4th February 1948, the British conferred dominion status to the island then called Ceylon and transferred power to a Colombo-centric, ethnic majoritarian and unitary system of government. The release of the stamps comes following the release of similar stamps in other countries in Canada and in other countries in Europe.Tamil activists were seen distributing stamps to Norwegians and Eezham Tamils amidst the cold weather prevailing in the capital of Norway, sources in Oslo said.(Source-TamilNet)

Note-It seems that these stamps are personalized stamps.

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    My Stamp is a very funny item. One can even issue a stamp of a
    computer generated image of a human with futuristic birth & death
    dates, say 2031-2111.

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