Special Postmark :Homage to Martyrs of Chauri Chaura

By Raman Kumar Mandal

A Special Postmark has released in the memory of Martyrs of Chauri Chaura from orakhpur(UP) on 4th Feb. 2012.\"\"

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3 Responses to Special Postmark :Homage to Martyrs of Chauri Chaura

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Chauri Chaura was a small near Gorakhpur but a violent incident there in February made it one of the most prominent names in India. During the freedom struggle when Mahatma Gandhi was advocating freedom through non-violence, an angry mob burnt a police station in the town, killing 23 policemen inside the police station. Gandhi’s non-violence was movement to oppose the colonial rulers’ oppressive policies and aimed at resistance through civil disobedience, peaceful protests popularly known as satyagrahs and marches etc. There was opposition to the movement from within the Indian National Congress (INC) itself and the opponents did not believe in passive resistance. This resulted in the inevitable known as the Chauri Chaura incident. The incident was a retaliatory act by protesting Indians, the police first beat the protesters and then opened fire on them which ultimately left three killed and many injured. And finally the revenge by the protesters. Among those who were tried 172 were sentenced to death but a later review resulted in the death sentence for 19 while 110 were sentenced life imprisonment.
    Gandhiji called off the movement after incident. My feeling is that had the movement not called off, independence would have been achieved in 1920s.
    The incident is perhaps not a part of history of Indian freedom struggle at the school level. Students at bachelor or master’s level do study it.
    N.A. Mirza


    Chauri Chaura also exposes the shady side of GOI’s policy of what it
    thinks should be taught at schools & colleges.
    Simplifying history for the sake of brevity often distorts it &
    leads to controversy & endless debates.

  3. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Mr Mirja,
    You are very much correct in narrating the incident it is named as
    My one of 7 frame thematic ZANG-E-AZADI being exibited at GAYA PEX.(4th to 5th Feb)

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