San Marino will Issue Stamps on 100th Anniversary of Milano Marittima

\"\"Milano Marittima (Cervia), 14 August 1912 – 14 August 2012. A century of history, an avant-garde experience which already over this short century has revealed itself as something extraordinary, unique for its times, where the development and safeguarding of the environment became interwoven in a symbiotic course. A challenge launched and won by some Lombard pioneers who knew how to accept and embrace the visionary dream of the painter and commercial artist, Giuseppe Palanti. 

This artist from Milan, modifying the idea of the British town-planner, Ebeneser Howard, inspired by the Garden City, designed a new holiday resort where the tourist residences would merge perfectly into the surrounding nature. The first five villas were built between 1913 and \’14, in a Liberty style. Even today, we can still admire the \”Villa Palanti\” in the centre of Milano Marittima, midway between the sea and the pine wood. After one hundred years, that unique and original experiment which brought to life a tourist resort now ranked amongst the top few both nationally and internationally, is recalled with pride in a memory that feeds on the past to look to the future with pride and hope.Issue date 29th February 2012 ,Values a value of € 1.00 in 12 stamp sheets with a descriptive strip on right Print run 70.008 sets Printing four colour offset by OeSD ,Perforations 14×14 Stamp size 30×40 mm ,Design Stefano Morri.

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