4 Responses to Jaipur Philatelic Bureau– The Other Side


    Abhishekjee, great write up, wonderful info.

    Those in a position to do so should be telling a tale about, Lucknow
    GPO, Patna GPO, Ahmedabad GPO,Bangalore GPO…..etc., etc.

  2. vijaykumar s walve says:


    we are also facing the same situation in north-karnataka state

    with regards

  3. Kamran says:

    I have some bad taste about Jaipur bureau. never wanted to go there.Wastage of time and money which we spent on patrol to go there.

  4. d h rao, chennai says:

    friends, i am yet to get my cwg cover and max card. seems to be record creators. good side of the coin – i rate mumbai gpo the BEST. prompt reply within a week.
    also i find post masters in north say “namaskar” before answering your call. i feel very elated. at no other post offices i have heard this type of good voice.
    dhr, chennai.

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