Lithuania Post Introduces : Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail, a new service introduced by Lithuania Post (Lietuvos pastas), will enable to send letters faster and easier. When sending letters by hybrid mail, the contents of the letter can be created with the help of the computer and sent \"\"electronically, and the letter will reach the addressee in a paper format. Letters can be sent straight from home or officeLithuania Post\’s Director of Sales Division Arunas Venckavicius said: \”Hybrid mail is an excellent choice for people saving their time. Using hybrid mail, it takes only several minutes to create a letter and post it, and the addressee will receive a real paper latter.\”In order to send letters by hybrid mail, special hybrid mail software can be downloaded from the website of Lithuania Post. Several minutes later after installing it in the computer, letters can be sent by hybrid mail.Letters are printed on standard A4 sheets. If the sender wishes, double-sided and multicolour printing can be chosen. Hybrid mail service is provided both domestically and internationally.

The postage for hybrid mail letters sent in Lithuania and to foreign destinations varies from LTL 1.69 (EUR 2) and above. The price depends upon the number of sheets and type of printing (black-and-white or multicolour). Payment for the service can be made by VISA, MasterCard credit cards and PayPal system.

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