Malpractices in Philatelic Exhibitions

By Virendra Kumar

Philatelists are booming. All over India, Philatelic Exhibitions are being organized on the behest of India Post. Distt. level exhibitions followed by State level exhibitions are being organised in the zest to Promote philately. Actually what reports are trickling down from various sources, are contradictory to the purpose for which India Post is spending Tax Payers hard earned money .No proper planning is being done, no proper arrangements are being done, handful of philatelists who have their own interests, are consulted by the authorities at the helm of the affairs. Though for the name sake, interactive sessions are organized/ arranged by the concerned Authorities, records are created but either decisions are imposed or decisions are created. Same is the case with the Awards. Lot of murmuring is taking place after each n every exhibition barring few exceptions with regard to the Declaration of Awards on the Exhibits being put up on display by the philatelists since last year. Recently, State Level exhibition was organized in Lucknow by Lucknow Circle of India Post. Philatelist across the country were invited well in advance. Good gesture n timely action by the organizers enabling everyone to plan their schedule, make travel arrangements etc. Despite good start,end was not as everyone had expected it to be. Lot of controversy is getting generated with regard to no of awards that can be distributed, level of awards, Exhibits which have already been awarded Award of higher category in the National or International Exhibitions, can the same be awarded the award of same category or lower category. What systems are being followed to ensure that selection criteria remains fair n unbiased. No personal biasness of the Judges and/or authorities at the helm of the affairs are allowed to play any active role. Philately is promoted in real sense. No controversy is allowed to crop up n total system n methodology is kept transparent n crystal clear.\"\"  We are attaching the copy of a letter received from veteran Philatelists Sh Ashwani Dubey from Gorakhpur.  Even a cursory look of the letter reveals that everything was not as it ought to have been in the exhibition which was organized to promote the hobby. Telephonic contacts with other participants were also established at ascertain the factual position. The revelations made by them over phone on the assurance of anonymity confirm that all was not well/ fair n just in awarding the awards. It appears the personal agenda of the authorities concerned and/or hands behind the show was looming large. Is it the way to promote the hobby.It is expected that India Post will take a serious note of it, order proper enquiry in the matter n ensure that remedial steps aare taken to check such like tendency to avoid repetition.

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