India:Different Type\’s of Folder\’s-2

\"\"By Sudhir Jain

On the occasion of 67th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, two stamps were issued on 23rd January 1964. For this set, a 12 page booklet was issued. This booklet was in English language only and contained photos of Netaji and his ancestral home at Calcutta. Massage of then President of India S. Radhakrishnan and brief life history of Netaji was also printed. One interesting insertion in this booklet was photo of two first day covers of this set of two stamps with first day cancellation. Addresses typed on these FDCs were as under –

Shri Asoke K. Sen,4, Hastings Road,New Delhi. and  Shri L.C. Jain,15, Tughlak Road, New Delhi.\"\"I do not know who these persons are and how they were related to Netaji. It would be appreciated if any reader can through some light on this.

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4 Responses to India:Different Type\’s of Folder\’s-2


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  2. Kumar says:

    Asoke Sen is a former law minister of India. A great man.


    Addressee, however great, famous or whatever does not a
    F.D.C. make. Tell me- will typing the name and address of
    President Obama on a FDC do any good to the FDC.
    Please do not belittle the person in whose honor a commemorative
    has been issued!!

  4. Sudhir Jain says:

    You are right Mr. Garg that address on FDC is not important. But in this case, both these FDCs were printed on the Booklet (Brochure / folder) issued by the Indian Post & Telegraph Department. That’s why these addresses are important.

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