Germany Issued Stamp on Emil Wiechert

\"\"The German Post has issued a stamp on the 150th birthday anniversary of Emil Johann Wiechert (26 December 1861 – 19 March 1928), German geophysicist who presented the first verifiable model of a layered structure of the Earth. He was the first geophysicist to present a verifiable model of the Earth\’s interior as a series of shells. He wrote a number of scientific papers, including a pioneering work on how seismic waves propagate through the Earth. He also devised an improved seismograph and created the field of geological prospecting using small, artificially-created earthquakes.

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One Response to Germany Issued Stamp on Emil Wiechert


    German Emil Wiechert stamp: One of the best example of a rocking
    personality stamp. For me as self explanatory as our Veer Narayan Singh
    60p stamp of 1987.

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