Royal Mail will Issue 3 Special Stamps to Commemorate Diamond Jubilee

\"\"Royal Mail\’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Her Majesty the Queen are launched by the first of three special Royal stamp issues on 2 February, 2012.The House of Windsor Stamps feature the five monarchs from the start of the 20th century. The Queen takes pride of place on the final stamp of Royal Mail\’s epic \’Kings and Queens\’ series, marking the 60th year of her reign, the second longest for a British monarch after Queen Victoria. Edward VII who reigned from 1901 to 1910 is featured on the 1st Class Stamp. He was the first British monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which was renamed the House of Windsor by his son, George V. The 69p stamp bears the image of George V who became king after his father\’s death in 1910 whom he succeeded as King-Emperor of the British Empire.

 Edward VIII is featured on the 72p stamp. With a reign of just 325 days, Edward VIII is one of the shortest reigning monarchs in British History. He abdicated after causing a constitutional crisis by proposing marriage to Wallis Simpson. His coronation never took place and he was created Duke of Windsor. George VI who reigned from 1936 to 1952 appears on the £1.00 stamp. George VI was the second son of King George V and had not expected to inherit the thrown. He served in the Royal Navy during World War I, and after the war took on the usual round of public engagements. He married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923, and they had two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret.

 The set is completed by £1.10 stamp featuring a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth by Pietro Annigoni.  The elder daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, she was born in 1926 and became the Queen at the age of 25, and has reigned through more than five decades of enormous social change and development.In addition to five stamps featuring five Kings and Queens of the House of Windsor a miniature sheet of four stamps highlighting events that have taken place during the Windsor reign will also be available.The four miniature sheet stamps feature:

  • Scott\’s expedition to the South Pole in 1912
  • The Queen Mother\’s a tour of bomb-damaged London during WWII
  • England\’s famous World Cup win in 1966
  • The 1994 opening of the Channel Tunnel linking France and the UK

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