Croatia:Stamp on Rock Mulo Lighthouses

\"\"The rock Mulo in front of the Rogoznica near Šibenik, is a real “antemuralis“ of the high sea. Seen from the coast, it leaves an impression of being at reach from the costal line. However, when one sails towards Mulo, especially on rough sea, the real impression is gained. Mulo is indeed the antemuralis of the high sea. For this reason it had also been chosen for the erecting of the lighthouse. Northeast from Mulo is s promontory Ploča, the most protruding part of the east Adriatic coast. The mole was built on the north cost and is thus sheltered from south winds. When Bora started to blowing, the lighthouse men used to lift the boat into the storehouse. On the mole there are remains of the old steel lifter used to draw the boat into the storehouse before the sea got rough. It has been recorded that several times the tempest sea broke the heavy storehouse door and the boats inside. From the mole to the entrance of the lighthouse there is an old, stone staircase. The lighthouse building is a vast one-storey building with the tower at the facade. In the ground floor of the building there used to be working rooms of the lighthouse men and in the first floor sleeping rooms and living rooms where their families were spending their secluded days. The lighthouse man’s service on Mulo was considered a hard one, even harder than on most farther away islands on the high sea.

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