India Post Again Played with Sentiments of Philatelists:No Plan to Issue Stamps on Wall Paintings

India Post today again joked with philatelists.According to official website of India Post a set of 2 stamps on wall paintings was scheduled for today.Philatelists were waiting for this thematic stamp issue but today when they reached in Philatelic bureaus there was no information.Philamirror asked with responsible officers of India Post at Delhi and a new story came in light.Design of this stamp issue is still not ready and no print order has given for these stamps so far.According to officials due to ignorance the site was not updated.It is expected that this issue will be included in the stamp schedule of 2012.

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8 Responses to India Post Again Played with Sentiments of Philatelists:No Plan to Issue Stamps on Wall Paintings

  1. Aayush says:

    Indian philately and Indian philatelic department have become a joke! Most of the issues are on personalities and the designs of each stamps are from worse to worst.. Morever, dealers buy most of the stamps leaving little for collectors, thus charging anything that they want to. So many thematics such as seasons of India, Wild asses, Railway bridges of India, etc have bitten the dust thanks to ever eccentric philatelic department of India. Just sack the current comittee which is full of oldies ( I dont mean any disrespect to them) and get some dynamic people. Change the rules even further and get the 2012 calendar out before december is over! And yes, please get some thematic issues released before 2011 ends.

    PS, I have been endorsing a thematic set on electric railway engines of India ( there were so many which were unique in design!) as a set, but no heed has been paid to that as well. I also strongly feel, we need stamps on local brands like Parle-G, Amul, etc to promote local brands and stop influence of western culture..

    I hope most of you will agree with me.

  2. Sandeep says:

    I feel lucky being ill today.
    Could not go to the Post and saved my sentiments from being played with… 😉
    Another interesting episode of “Super Bloopers and Practical Jokes” by the Issuer.

  3. dr pradeep jain says:

    Really again another disinterest for thematic issues as for this paintings nobody is personally interested where as for personalities either politeceans or their family members are behind the dept. As a result these are issued on time, nobody cares for thematic material, philately or collectors.

  4. India Post offficials must be surprised to see the stamina of Indian Philatelists. After so many shocks,knee jerks,crude jokes from India Post, we still talk about hurting of sentiments when a scheduled stamp is not released as per schedule. Hats off to one n all.


    I have some FDCs from 60/70s where the date of issue is mentioned on
    the FDC itself. Where is that punctuality gone? Maybe, now we have too many Philatelic Bureaus for India Post to handle or the number of
    stamps issued per year has become too much! Food for thought!!
    But, in 2011 most quantities were 3/4 Lakhs-compare that to 30 Lakhs
    per stamp issue in 80s & 10 Lakhs in early 90s ( Gandhi 1969, 20p was of 80 Lakh). Those in the know should come out & explain for our benefit.

  6. siddhart says:

    Expected from india post

  7. Dinu says:

    The biggest humour is you can find some solace that you do not have to spend so much money for those unissued stamps these year.

    Deliver always less than promised and deliver far less than expectation is the motto.

    I have kept few printouts of release lists from website is various dates this year and by comapring those with the present list in website the following can be deduced.
    – M B Appasaheb Kadadi – gone
    – Kapoor Chand Kulish – gone
    -Naval dock yard – gone
    – Warli / shekahwat wall paintings – gone.
    -Shyama Charan Shukla – Status unknown
    – Jagta Singh entered and left.
    – Four musicians including Kumar Gandharva taken out.
    – Wild asses – Status unknown
    – Railway bridges – Status unknown

    R. Venkataraman – new unaanounced entry; God bless us that he, in case he is the man who once was first citizen of India, last gets his due.
    President’s fleet (after Rashtrapati Bhawan in same year) recetly entered.
    Might be the gone stamps will be issued in 2012 with 2011 printed on it like Geeta Gobinda was issued on 2009 with 2008 written in each stamps.

    I have read somewhere as per policy India post can issue maximum 10o stamps a year. The longest published list this year was having somewhere between 79 – 80. In the month of June there was no issue. Making per month average issue to 7 or almost two stamps per week!!!
    They do not deter , might be bending like Beckham, to release stamp on Sunday and holiday on which day common philatelist cannot buy it across counter.
    Being imaganitive a bit and forgetting mathematics of couple of multiple stamps issued on same day, it looks like every week on two working days (as most of the stamps might be available after being released on late part of afternoon ) a philatelist have to be present in post office to get every stamps across the counter – PDAC –?? No one can ensure that packet will have all stamps and in good condition. Some stamps like the only setenant of Triguna Sen in 2011 and miniature of KD Raya (2011) were either missing or rationed out.

    So In my view issue of 80 stamps per year seems unpractical under present mismanaged scenario or may be unholy nexus existing between dealer and certain people in philately department. Therefore, chaff has to be sorted out from grain before finalising the list of issue. Scale of importance on National level has to be seen especially for personalities
    (C S Reddy – read an article that it was issued under political pressure but noone pressurise for poor soul Neelam Sanjeev Reddy; I have pointed out about R Venkataraman once in a post and looking at the new entrant; it seems some conscience is left in some corner in India post – Zameer jag utthha???)

    I am happy in one hand that they have reduced the number of stamps to be issued on 2011 and thereby I shall have liquid cash to buy something more for household in this inflated market (FMCG) but sad on another that to get all these stamps I have to wait one more year. Worried from heart as when the list increases goof up and super blooper by India post will increase creating unnecessay rarity in philately market.

  8. Dinu says:

    Dear Editor / moderator,

    I wrote the above very quick. There are too many spelling and grammatical mistake – If possible correct those.

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