Christmas Stamps 2011:Spain

This year’s Spanish Christmas issue is made up of two stamps, one depicting the sculpture of the Holy Family with the baby Jesus beginning to walk, by Spanish artist Luisa Roldán\"\" (1654-1704), whilst the other stamps features a neoclassical version of the Holy Family by painter J. Carrero.Luisa Roldán, popularly known as La Roldana, is the daughter and disciple of the famous Sevillian sculptor, Pedro Roldán. In this sculptural composition, she has skilfully captured the concept which emanates a unique and overwhelming sensibility.

In these small figures, the famous sculptor, whose production is framed between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, transmits a feeling of tenderness and hope. The artist adds an intimate and lyrical vision to the Baroque realism inherited from her father that makes the sacred appear more human. Much of the artistic creation of La Roldana is focused on nativity scenes. The works of this artist who performed as a sculptor in Court in Madrid, took place from 1689 until her death around 1704. Her style was a narrative, harmonious, emotional and strongly realistic baroque. Among her favourite subjects are the Nativity, the Flight to Egypt and this piece representing the Holy Family with the baby Jesus beginning to walk. It belongs to the funds of the Provincial Museum in Guadalajara.

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