Faroe:Christmas Seals 2011

\"\"The Faroese artist, Edward Fuglø has designed this year\’s Christmas Seals, which depict Christmas Windows.As usual, the profit of the sale goes to The Christmas Seal Foundation, which supports children- and youth work in the Faroe Islands.

Christmas Window:As Advent approaches, Christmas windows begin lighting up villages and neighbourhoods, representing the first sign of the quickly approaching holiday.The tradition of telling the world that the people in your home are celebrating Christmas is centuries old – almost as old as windows themselves in our part of the world.In ancient times, it was common to place a candle in the window on Christmas Eve and let it burn all night until Christmas morning – if it did not burn out before then. Some women used to stay up all night to watch the burning candle as peace descended upon the house.istmas night must have been cosy. The holiest night of the year in a village covered with snow and under the glimmering stars, as bright windows celebrated the baby Jesus – a moment far from the arduous tasks of everyday life required just to survive.

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