India:Children\’s Philately

By Radha Krishna Mishra

The first children’s Day stamp was issued on 11th Nov. 1957 later shifted to 14th Nov. linking birth day of Nehru Chacha since1958.The stamps are mostly related to child care and their concern. Since 1973 India Post adopted child art from Shankar’s International Children’s Competition to promote the creative efforts of child art. The stamps ,F.D.C ,Maxim Card &Miniatures designs are reproduction of prize winning paintings of the compitition.The first stamp  of 1973 was  prize winning design of six years old boy Bala Ramnik Lal Raval of Palanpur,Gujrat.

Children’s Day series of India Post is the largest one. About 61 stamps. 4 Miniatures and 6 Maxim Cards have been issued up to 1910.

There was no issue in the years 1965-67-68-69-70-72-79-88 &1989.

At the birth centenary of late Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru (Nehru Chacha) in 1992 an autographed portrait design of late P.M. Nehru was issued. On 14 11 1973 celebrating 75 th birth anniversary of Nehru the stamp design was adopted from commemorative one rupee coin of Nehru.

Golden jubilee of Children’s Film Society, 14.11.2006 a stamp was issued.

 First children’s day stamps.-14.11.1957\"\"

\"\"First painting stamp of six year old Bela Ramnik Lal from a competition organized by Shankar’s weekly held in 1972. About 100 countries with 1, 50,000 entries participated. Since then the children’s Day stamps are selected from Shankar’s compition.

\"\"India post has issued two stamps, a miniature based on Lord Krishna, Bal-Lila-Kalia-Mardan, two picture Post cards over the theme “My Favorite Mythological Hero” & “My Favorite Fairy tale” for the first time on 14 11.2006.

\"\"India post has issued two stamps, a miniature based on “ A Magic of the Night”, four picture Post cards by Master Jyotirmoy Biswas 0f W.B., Kumari Riti Sodhi,Ranipur Haridwar,Shanker Dinesh Kamath ,Kolar, on 14 11.2007.

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