What is this Label ?

\"\"By Sudhir Jain

\"\"I was reviewing my collection and found an old Airmail envelope. Scanned image of the same is attached. It was posted from USA to New Delhi (India) in the year 1964. Front side of this envelope is franked with \”FOUNDER\’S DAY\” slogan franking. On the back side, a label is affixed with the printing \”Post Office Department, Unites States of America. OFFICIALLY SEALED\”. What is this label ? Is any Philatelist have any idea of this type of label, please inform.

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    Such labels were applied on the covers opened (for inspection)by postal authorities for one reason or another. OFFICIALLY SEALED labels were also applied on the covers that got accidentally opened & so on…

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Thanks Sunil ji.

  3. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Please follow the link


    that gives following information about the label:

    “Post Office Department. / OFFICIALLY SEALED. / United States of America / National Bank-Note Company, New York” with Liberty head in central vignette and repeating “POST OBITUM” (“after death”) within frame in background

    Plate proof of first issue. Originally prepared for use by the Dead Letter Office, but small quanitites were issued to regular post offices where the seals were used in the same manner as the later ones. The regularly issued perf 12 “Post Obitum” seal, Scott #OX1, is very scarce on cover.

  4. If you see the bottom right corner of front side of cover there is rubber stamped note which states ‘Received unsealed….’ (remaining text is not clearly readable). Since the cover is received unsealed, it might have been sealed by Postal Authorities and have affixed the label.

  5. Pratyaksham Balasubramanian says:

    Please visit the site:- http://www.poseal.com/ which gives detailed information with illustrations of Post Office Seals.

    “Post office seals, or official seals, are labels used by postal authorities to repair or reclose mail items:-
    a) Damaged in transit
    b) Received unsealed at the post office
    c) Opened by mistake or by the Dead Letter Office”

    A seal similar to the one referred to by Mr. Sudhir Jain is dicussed at:-

  6. Sudhir Jain says:

    Thanks to my senior friend Mr. Prashant Pandya, Mr. Rajesh Kumar and Mr. Pratyaksham Balasubramanium for their informative comments.
    – Sudhir Jain.

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