Austria Issued Stamp on 220th Death Anniversary of Mozart

“He was no doubt the most comprehensive musical genius of all ages,” wrote Kurt Pahlen about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (“Sinfonie der Welt”, Schweizer Verlagshaus, Zurich\"\" 1978). “There was no composer who wrote operas and oratorios, symphonies and serenades, sonatas and songs, quartets and choirs, masses and divertimenti with the same degree of perfection” – an opinion that the Austrian conductor and musicologist no doubt shares with numerous other experts. Following the brilliant Mozart Year 2006 (250th anniversary of his birth), the next anniversary of this great composer is to be celebrated this year: the day of Mozart’s death recurs for the 220th time on 5 December. Good enough reason for a new commemorative, whose contemporary motif was created by the famous stamp artist Sylvia Moucka.

The musical genius was buried in a common grave at the St Marx Cemetery in Vienna. In 1855, the position of his grave was determined as far as was possible, and in 1859 a monument was erected at the assumed position and later transferred by the City of Vienna to the group of honorary graves for musicians at the Central Cemetery. Monuments in Salzburg, Vienna and many other towns still today recall this brilliant composer.

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