Liechtenstein:New Stamps on Castles

¬†\"\"Liechtenstein Post has issued a set of stamps commemorating Liechtenstein\’s castles and castle ruins, immovable witnesses to their time which have outlasted the centuries and became romantic symbols of the Alpine monarchy.The first stamp shows \”Gutenberg\” Castle in Balzers.On the second stamp the \”Schellenberg\” ruins can be seen.The \”Schalun\” ruin in the Vaduz Forest, steeped in legend and also known popularly as the \”Wildschloss\” (\”Castle in the wild\”), is featured on the third stamp.The fourth stamp in this issue is \”Vaduz\” Castle viewed from the north.

The distinctiveness of this issue lies in the four first-day postmarks, which – contrary to the established practice of always having only one postmark per issue – show for each pictured castle a corresponding coat of arms. On the \”Gutenberg\” stamp this is the arms of the Counts of Werdenberg-Heiligenberg, on the \”Schellenberg\” stamp – the arms of the Lords of Schellenberg, on the \”Schalun\” stamp – the arms of the Counts of Montfort-Werdenberg and on the \”Vaduz\” stamp – the arms of the Counts of Sulz.

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