Royal Mail : Masters Of The Post Book Launch

The book Masters of the Post, the first complete history of the Royal Mail up to the\"\" present day. The book was researched at The British Postal Museum & Archive, and features the first detailed account of the past half-century of Britain\’s postal history, from the post war era to the Postal Act of 2011, made possible by privileged access to confidential records.

In charting the whole of this extraordinary story, the author Duncan Campbell-Smith recounts a series of remarkable tales, including how postal engineers built the first programmable computer for the wartime code-breakers of Bletchley Park and how the Royal Mail managed to continue delivering post to the front lines during two world wars, but also how an opportunity to prevent the Great Train Robbery of 1963 was missed. He brings to life many of the dominant personalities in the Royal Mail\’s history – from Rowland Hill, who imposed a uniform penny post and set the great Victorian expansion on its way, to Tony Benn who championed the modernisation of the service in the 1960s and Tom Jackson who led the postal workers\’ biggest union through fifteen frequently stormy years up to 1982. Events since the failed privatization of 1994 are narrated in colourful detail.(

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